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What are the benefits for a patient of mercury-free dentistry?

Health Benefits of Mercury Free Dentistry from Dentist in Hong Kong

We choose to offer mercury-free dentistry to our Central Hong Kong patients because of our firm belief in the benefits of using the safest materials. Despite the fact that many leading dental resources maintain their stance regarding the safety of these dental products, such as the commonly-used amalgam, we believe that evidence may prove otherwise. It is on this basis that we choose to take no chances with the health of our patients. The use of metal-free composite materials also provides patients with a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance, because they closely match the natural coloring of teeth. Our commitment to mercury-free … Continue reading

Removal of mercury fillings gets positive reviews from patients experiencing symptom relief in Central Hong Kong

symptom relief after Removal of mercury fillings from dentist in Central Hong Kong

We would not be a holistic practice without mentioning the link between oral health and systemic or whole-body disease. Much has been made of how mouth bacteria and inflammation associated with periodontal disease can spread to other parts of the body, and has been linked to a number of other medical conditions including heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, osteoporosis, and kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancers. The irony of all of this is mercury is associated with a number of the same conditions listed above, as well as a number of other diseases that researchers have also linked to gum disease. Yet … Continue reading

Composite fillings are free of mercury and BPA in our Hong Kong practice

Mercury free Composite filling from Dentist in Hong Kong

Amalgam fillings have been around for so long they are all that most people know. This cavity treatment was first developed before the 19th century and it continues to be promoted by dentists around the world. Throughout dentistry, improvements have taken place. For instance, all metal crowns have largely been replaced by tooth-colored restorations. In the same way, some dentists, such as Dr. Titania Tong, now offer composite fillings that have no BPA and no mercury. For a healthy, attractive alternative to antiquated amalgam, call our Hong Kong office. Appearance is not the only reason that today’s dental patient wants … Continue reading

Studies continue to show why amalgam removal from your holistic dentist in Hong Kong makes sense

amalgam removal procedure from dentist in HK

Research into the effects of mercury in amalgam fillings has been ongoing for many years. With just over 50 percent mercury content, amalgam fillings are one of the primary sources of mercury exposure, which is unfortunate considering the fact that most people are aware of this substance’s toxicity. In one study in the publication Environmental Health, researchers sought to determine the potential effects of chronic, low-grade exposure to mercury via amalgam fillings and the self-reported improvements were astounding. The Canadian study published in November of 2014 involved measurements of mercury present in participants’ urine. Some individuals studied had never had … Continue reading

Your amalgam free dentist in Central Hong Kong provides care for total health

Mercury free dentistry practices from dentist in HK

In the holistic dental practice, the focus takes into account how dental problems and their proposed solutions will affect the body. An important aspect of holistic dentistry is the use of amalgam alternatives for tooth repair. There is good reason for practicing as an amalgam free dentist in Central Hong Kong, aligning with Dr. Tong’s desire to promote health and wellbeing in her patients rather than just a pretty set of teeth. Why not use amalgam? Amalgam dental fillings have been a part of dentistry since most of us can remember. The widespread use of amalgam, a combination of various … Continue reading

Mercury free dentistry in Central HK is cost effective and receives quality reviews

Mercury free dentistry practices from dentist in Central HK

The difference in holistic dentistry is the focus on the patient’s health beyond the mouth. Conditions or issues that begin in the mouth can have staggering impact on the entire body. Overall wellness, including immunity can be affected by oral health. Because of this proven relationship, Dr. Tong and her staff believe in a mercury-free practice that utilizes the least toxic biocompatible materials for dental procedures. Biocompatible means that the materials will not harm tissue. Holistic, mercury-free, dental providers like Dr. Tong have the same education, training, and experience of any other licensed dental practitioner. At her office, they provide … Continue reading

Mercury free dentistry is just one component of total care from Central HK area dentist

mercury free dentistry services from dentist in Central HK

An increasing number of patients in the Central HK area are discovering the improvement in overall health that can be seen from visiting a holistic dental provider. While we believe strongly in the use of mercury-free dental solutions, our care does not stop there. We provide a comprehensive list of dental care to help patients maintain the health and beauty of their smiles. Preventative Dentistry One of the most important parts of our jobs as dental care providers is helping our patients protect themselves from preventable issues. The easiest way to do this is by staying proactive about your oral … Continue reading

Patients, look no further to find which dentist provides mercury free dentistry in Central HK

mercury free dentistry from dentist in Central HK

While many dental providers still use silver amalgam for fillings, it is important for patients to be aware of the potential negative health effects from this material. While many people still believe in the safety of these fillings, more and more studies are showing how toxic mercury can be to the body. Silver amalgam fillings are composed of over 50 percent mercury, and exposure to those vapors can have consequences that effect both oral and systemic health. Dr. Tong is a mercury free dentistry provider in the Central HK area who believes strongly in the use of safe, biocompatible materials … Continue reading

What do amalgam and mercury have to do with my oral health?

amalgam and mercury free dentist in Central HK

Most adults who have dental fillings from earlier in life have what are often called “silver” fillings. This type of filling has been used for more than a century, so long that many people consider this the only option for repair. “Silver” fillings are actually amalgam fillings. Amalgam was developed long before the Civil War era as an affordable, long-lasting alternative to gold. Today, more than half of practicing dentists in North America continue to use amalgam as the standard of care. What is the concern with dental amalgam? Amalgam dental fillings are concerning to holistic dentists as well as … Continue reading

BPA free composites used in our Central Hong Kong practice restore beauty and strength

BPA free composites from dentist in Central Hong Kong

Amalgam dental fillings have been the norm for many decades. These fillings may be seem like an affordable option, and may be promoted by most insurance companies, but your holistic dentist recognizes the potential dangers of dental amalgam. The primary concern with amalgam fillings is their mercury content. Research has shown us that mercury is extremely poisonous. In fact, it is the most toxic non-radioactive substance on earth. This fact alone causes us to question the validity of mercury in amalgam dental fillings. Due to the amount of mercury in each filling, there is the potential for mercury poisoning. This … Continue reading