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Studies continue to show why amalgam removal from your holistic dentist in Hong Kong makes sense

amalgam removal procedure from dentist in HK

Research into the effects of mercury in amalgam fillings has been ongoing for many years. With just over 50 percent mercury content, amalgam fillings are one of the primary sources of mercury exposure, which is unfortunate considering the fact that most people are aware of this substance’s toxicity. In one study in the publication Environmental Health, researchers sought to determine the potential effects of chronic, low-grade exposure to mercury via amalgam fillings and the self-reported improvements were astounding.

The Canadian study published in November of 2014 involved measurements of mercury present in participants’ urine. Some individuals studied had never had an amalgam filling and some had multiple. Additional data collected included self-reported health concerns such as chronic fatigue, lack of mental clarity, anxiety, and poor memory retention.

After providing mercury levels and a thorough health history, participants with amalgam fillings were treated to amalgam filling removal by qualified dentists. One year post-removal, follow up measurements of urine mercury levels were collected, as were self-reported symptoms. Every one of the participants who had amalgam fillings removed reported feeling an improvement in the severity of their symptoms.

Though proponents for the use of amalgam continue to question the validity of such findings, suggesting that perhaps participants’ experienced nothing more than a placebo effect, biological dentists like Dr. Tong believe there is absolute truth in the science which proves the toxicity of mercury. Dr. Tong not only offers her patients alternatives to toxic amalgam fillings, she also removes existing amalgams using the safest known protocol to be developed.

The importance of technique in amalgam removal

Studies into amalgam have extended into the area of removal and the amount of exposure that may take place in the dental office. Findings of research have led many dentists and also dental associations to recommend the removal of amalgams only in the instance of failure. Though more dentists are offering amalgam removal for health purposes, only a handful of dentists follow specific protocol through which excessive exposure is avoided.

Dr. Titania Tong, dedicated to preserving the health of her patients, has received training and has invested in the necessary equipment to properly handle existing amalgam fillings. This protocol, developed by professionals in the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, provides for advanced protection via supplemental oxygen, high-volume suction, protective eyewear and sheeting, and more.

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