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Many of our patients have referred us to their friends and family after visiting us. We would highly value your comment on Dr. Titania, at one or more of our social websites.

If currently you are not one of our patients, we welcome you to read the reviews placed by our happy patients on our online profiles below. Afterwards, please make your appointment for a great experience, and see for yourself!

Listen to Our Happy Patients

  • B
    Betty Y.

    Dr Tong is a very excellent and very patient holistic dentist. Never seen a very excellent holistic dentist as Dr Tong in my life, really appreciate for her professional capability and skill in fixing my rotten teeth without any pain at all, I just put my trust in her healing hands. No dentist can do it better than Dr. Tong…

  • T
    Tao H.

    I had veneers installed by Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong is very friendly and the price is reasonable. I rate her service 5 stars

  • Z

    Dr Tong was great. I was extremely anxious about my appointment but was put at ease very quickly. I would highly recommend.

  • C
    Chen L.

    I had root planing and mercury filling removal done. Dr. Tong is very professional and on point. Procedures are done efficiently. It was painless. I can’t think of any improvements . Perhaps referral to other holistic health centers that can do ‘ Mercury cleanse or other toxin cleanses. I give a 5 star rating.

  • S
    Shing T.

    I had removal of mercury fillings by Dr. Tong. It was quick , painless and efficient. Everything was great. 5 star service.

  • A
    Amy S.

    I had cleaning and crown replacement by Dr. Tong My experience was excellent . I have very bad dental phobia and Dr. Tong and her assistants were very kind, gentle and I honestly did not feel a thing. This was my first visit to a dentist in 6 years and has really put my fears to rest. I would recommend her highly. I would give 6 stars for my treatment

  • T
    Terry H.

    I had a check up, fillings and bonding done by Dr. Tong. I have been a patient of Titania’s for over 16 years and obviously have been extremely satisfied. Very caring and considerate with a very professional approach. Titania always explains the treatments and I have never experienced pain or discomfort during her procedures. I would highly recommend her. Extremely personable and professional. I rate her services with 5 stars

  • H
    Huang Hsin Yi

    I was suffering from pain on the left side of my jaw on and off for a while. After making sure that there were no problems with my teeth on this side, Dr. Tong prescribed wearing a night splint , as she explained that I was probably grinding and clenching my teeth during my sleep. I must say that since wearing this splint , the pain has gone and I feel a lot less tension in my jaw. So I would say that the splint really does work.

  • M

    I had amalgam replacement by Dr. Tong. She was very professional. Pain free dental work. I feel that I have benefited from the procedure.’ I can’t think of any improvement necessary, it was a very pleasant experience. I flew to HK especially to seek a mercury free clinic.

  • J
    Julie S.

    I had an abscessed tooth removed by Dr. Tong. For someone with a low pain threshold, I never thought I would breeze through it. Dr. Tong walked me through each step and was very comforting. The tooth was out before I knew it. It was totally painless. Amazing experience! Dr. Tong was very detailed in explaining the pros and cons of each alternative. She was very informative which helped me a lot in deciding on going ahead with the procedure. I am very satisfied with Dr. Tong’s professionalism and her personal touch. Nurses were friendly and helpful too.

  • Jeannette M. W.

    This is a lengthy testimonial; but the details are imperative, for they attest to the brilliance and professionalism of Dr. Tong as a dental surgeon.

    I have always been petrified of dentists; and after unpleasant experiences with a few dentists in HK, I felt sufficiently put off, and decided that I might be better off visiting my regular dentist in my home country whenever I head back. Unfortunately, I suffered from an infection of a root canal treated tooth a week plus ago, and was in severe pain. I was recommended to another dentist by a friend; but that visit didn’t help, and the pain persisted, with it getting worse by the day. Hesitant to have another root canal treatment done, I trawled the Internet for a holistic dentist who might help me out of my predicament.

    I stumbled upon Dr. Tong’s website, and made an appointment to consult her. Her nurses readily accomodated me, and after my first consultation, I wish I had ‘found’ Dr. Tong years ago when I was in need of a dentist in HK. She was assuring and exuded professionalism; and that made me feel I was at the right place. After an examination, she explored the options with me, and explained the advantages/disadvantages of each option. I decided an extraction would be the best option, and whilst I was desperate to have the tooth removed on that day, Dr. Tong advised it would be better to wait till the infection calmed down slightly first.

    I had my first dental extraction last weekend, and requested to have the periodontal ligament removed as well. Dr. Tong was extremely assuring, and made sure that I was feeling comfortable and numb locally first before she got to work. It took a while for me to experience the numbness; and Dr. Tong waited patiently for the anaesthetic to take effect. Whilst waiting, she had a nice chat with me; and that really calmed my jitters. She had me prepared in all ways – explaining how I would feel her working away, but I wouldn’t feel the pain at all. Also, she explained the possibility of a brittle dead tooth breaking whilst extracting, and what she would have to do should that happen. However, she assured me that she would extract it as a whole, to the best of her ability. The explanation did much in managing my expectations, and in a way, I was mentally prepared for the procedure. As I was psyching myself up, Dr. Tong removed the entire tooth as a whole swiftly; and in the ne xt couple of minutes, she was working on removing the ligament. It was a swift, clean and painless procedure; contrary to what I had expected.

    I had my stitches removed 2 days ago, and Dr. Tong advised on the different options I had with regard to tooth replacement. She was detailed in her explanation and wasn’t pushy. She made no attempt to recommend an option over another; and I appreciated her telling me to think it through as it is a decision that can’t be made instantly. This was professionalism at its best to me, unlike my previous experiences with other dental surgeons in HK.

    Dr. Tong certainly has been God-sent, and I’ll readily recommend her to friends. I’m certain to stick with her for as long as I’m in HK, and will have my little one’s set of teeth cared for by her as well.

    Thank you, Dr. Tong!

  • J
    Jen M.

    I had mercury fillings removed and replaced with BPA free composite. 5 in total! Plus one crown! Dr. Tong and team are patient, friendly and professional. Very pleasant experience And I felt completely safe in their hands. No pain and at ease during all my visits. Have I benefitted from my treatment? I don’t have the nagging pain in my top teeth anymore and without the mercury I know my health will no doubt benefit in the long term. I’m happy with the current service offered and absolutely would be recommending Dr Tong to all my family and friends.

  • M
    Mr. Chan

    I had replacement of my amalgam fillings. I found the experience was good overall. Dr Tong and her staff are very experienced and professional eg in taking adequate precautions against breathing in or absorbing removed amalgam. It is too soon to tell if I have benefited from the procedure but early signs are good. There are some indications of improved health. eg reduced inflammation from Ezcema.

  • T
    Tong M. H.

    I had removal of mercury and refill the teeth. Dr Tong is very experienced and considerate. The environment is very comfortable. Nurses are very nice. I feel that I have benefitted from the procedure.

  • N
    Nicole C.

    I had total of 7 mercury fillings removed over 3 – 4 months and replaced with BPA free composites The removal process is quick and well protected. I am allowed to inhale oxygen during those few minutes. I feel very calm now and not get angry easily. I have better control/management over emotions. Less argument with others. It would be good to have had louder music to distract from the noise of the machine. I chose this clinic because the mercury was causing allergy and itching.

  • M
    Manesh D.

    I had removal of my dental amalgams and replaced with BPA free composites. I received very easy ,orderly and professional treatment from Dr. Tong and team. 2 fillings removed in 2 minutes, no anaesthesia , zero pain ! I still have many fillings to remove but already feel my breathing has improved and body odour reduced. ( maybe due to less toxins in body ) Maybe price could be more competitive so that more local HK people can afford removals and don’t need to go to Bangkok or Manila for treatment. For sure I chose this clinic as it was a mercury free clinic.

  • E
    Evelyn L.

    I had mercury fillings removed. The experience was good and comfortable. Yes feel that I benefited from the procedure . Dr. Tong is very experienced ! Very good service !

  • K
    Kitty L.

    I had mercury fillings removed. My experience was that it was fast and accurate. I had no pain. Very professional. I chose this clinic because it was a mercury free clinic.

  • R
    Ron C.

    I had all my dental amalgams removed. I felt assured that the procedure was safe and no mercury was inhaled or ongested by me during the process. I definitely chose this clinic as it is a mercury free clinic.

  • S
    Samuel R.

    I had mercury filling replacement and night guard provision. I am very happy with the standard of treatment and fully intend to continue seeing Dr. Tong whenever necessary. I think there is a valid concern about the adverse effect of mercury fillings and therefore it was worthwhile to replace them. Also, I was not aware that I had the tendency to grind my teeth until now. So the night guard will help avoid further erosion. The reason I chose this clinic is there is a paucity of dentists providing such services and this is the only one recommended to me.

  • E
    Eric T.

    I had amalgam removal with Dr. Tong. She followed proper procedure to ensure safety of the patient and staff and prevent exposure to toxic mercury. I did feel healthier this past week after the procedure. I came to this clinic just to remove amalgam. Everything was properly performed so I have no comment on further improvements.

  • J
    John W.

    I had an extraction of a broken tooth under IV sedation with Dr. Tong.
    My experience with Dr.Tong has been excellent. I find her careful & has very gentle touch for a no pain experience. The anesthetist was very professional & excellent & careful with research before performing procedure.
    I definitely benefited from the experience.

  • T
    Tania L.

    Both my husband and I had been given excellent dental care by this superb dentist for 16 years. Over the years our experiences with her had proved that she cares deeply about the dental health of her patients in using the latest, most advanced techniques and knowledge which she acquired and updated constantly in her practice.

  • D
    David S.

    I had a dental cleaning with Dr.Tong. She was very informative. She explained everything I needed to know to make an informed decision. Absolutely feel that I have benefited from the procedure. I had a lot of stains removed and feel more confident when smiling. Also now that I understand about the issues with mercury, the choice of a mercury free clinic makes a big difference to me.

  • D
    David T.

    I had a root canal treatment to a molar tooth. I was made to feel very comfortable. I do have trouble with a GAG reflex, but Titania is very Understanding.

  • Y
    Yeung K. W.

    The procedure I had was amalgam removal and a canal root tooth removal It was painless. The removal process is fast and handled neatly. I feel I have benefited from the procedure. My lower back tightness relieved after removal. I chose Dr.Tong’s clinic absolutely because it is a mercury free clinic.

  • J
    Jo W.

    I had veneers done by Dr. Tong 3 years ago. They are very good. The treatment was pain free and efficient and I have been very pleased with the result. I have benefited from an improved appearance and feel better about my teeth. ”
    I have always had a very good experience with Dr. Tong so no complaints.

  • V
    Victoria H.

    I had root canal treatment with Dr. Tong recently. It was the least stressful dental treatment I’ve ever experienced and I’ve seen a lot of dentists in HK. Also surprisingly pain free even the injection. I do feel I have benefited from the procedure. The whole service could have been improved with some earmuffs to black out the sound of the drill.

    Dr.Tong was recommended to me by many people which was the bigger influence on me seeing her and being a mercury free was an added plus.

  • C
    Christine H.

    I had wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Tong. She is a very good and skill full dentist. She is patient. I don’t feel any pain during the procedure and recovery very soon after the surgery. I feel that I have benefited from the procedure. The staff provide amazing service. I found Dr. Tong’s clinic on the internet and is highly recommended by other patients.

  • A
    Alex C.

    I had root canal treatment recently with Dr. Tong. It went very smoothly and with hardly any pain.
    Dr. Tong was very understanding and the staff were perfect. I chose Dr. Tong’s practice because it is a mercury free clinic.

  • T
    Tien C.

    I have just finished my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Tong. I found it very easy to do and Dr. Tong kept me informed at all times of the process. I am happy with the result.

  • T
    Tien C.
    1. What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
      I like that my teeth are whiter and look cleaner. I was nervous about the treatment but it was a little uncomfortable but painless. I was able to sit with my feet up during the day which was bliss.
    2. What do you like about our Doctor / Doctors?
      Very professional and informative. I feel like I am in good hands
    3. What do you like about our staff?
      Same as doctor, efficient
    4. In what area or way could we improve our service?
      I can’t think of a way. I’m very happy with the service.
    5. Did being a mercury free clinic influence your choice in our favour?
      Not really but I’m very glad the clinic is mercury free. THANK YOU!
  • B
    Bernie Q.

    As someone who has always been terrified of the dentist, I would not visit anyone but Dr Tong. With her calming and reassuring manner as well as high level of professionalism, the fear element has been totally removed and I have every confidence that I am in expert hands.

  • L
    Lynda T.S.

    Dear Titania M.Y.,
    Details of the Recommendation: “I’m impressed with Dr Tong’s advanced dental facilities & equipment, her skill in ensuring that her patient is comfortable and pain free, and good followup. Highly recommending her service to those who care for mercury free dental care.

  • L
    Lisa V. D. E.

    Dr. Titania recommended placing veneers on my upper front teeth as they were very discolored, as you can see from the lower front teeth. The result was great. They looked very natural and I have not had any trouble with them over the last 9 years.

  • S
    Steven P.

    Having moved to Singapore 3 years ago, I have been unable to find a dentist on par with Dr. Titania. I return to Hong Kong twice a year to see her for my check-ups. Very professional and a reasonable price.

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