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Holistic Dentistry

More and more people today are beginning to pay close attention to how they live, what they put into their bodies, and how they deal with stress. We want to live long and healthy lives, and this is exactly what we deserve.

Mercury Laden Dental Fillings
Holistic Dentistry, HK

In our Hong Kong practice, we enhance the health of our patients through the inclusion of holistic treatment options. In doing so, we address the whole body as it relates to the mouth rather than diagnosing and treating a single symptom. When the mouth is in an unhealthy state, other organs and processes in the body will be negatively impacted. Looking past the obvious symptoms, Dr. Titania works towards the promotion of general health for every patient.

This approach to dental care takes every part of the patient into consideration. During any visit with our professional staff, you will be provided with the exact information necessary to help you feel confident in the decision towards treatment. By working together with our patients to determine the form of preventative, restorative, or cosmetic care that is most suitable, we are able to provide truly customized care.

What holistic dentists may be best known for is their avoidance of amalgam fillings, which are composed of fifty per cent mercury. A member of the esteemed International Academy of Oral Toxicology, Dr. Titania does not place amalgam fillings. She is also capable of safely removing existing metal fillings using the strictest protocol known today. Taking such careful measures significantly decreases the risk of mercury exposure to the patient, our staff, and the environment.

In place of amalgam fillings, our patients may choose to correct damage with ceramic, composite resin, or even gold fillings. Yes, gold is a metal. However, studies have shown that gold is a highly biocompatible material that does not release toxins into the mouth. Gold fillings in molars can scarcely be seen in the smile, and have the capability of withstanding the pressure of biting and chewing for many years.

A beneficial service we have chosen to include in our menu of holistic services is nutritional counselling. Dr. Titania understands the issue of mercury toxicity, and believes in the process of detoxification for improved health. Within our practice, patients can receive guidance from a licensed nutritionist who specializes in mercury detoxification. Through a comprehensive evaluation, you can learn exactly which foods and supplements are best suited to your unique makeup for enhanced health.

To learn more about holistic dentistry, or to schedule your consultation with us, contact our office today.

I had a check up, fillings and bonding done by Dr. Tong. I have been a patient of Titania’s for over 16 years and obviously have been extremely satisfied. Very caring and considerate with a very professional approach. Titania always explains the treatments and I have never experienced pain or discomfort during her procedures. I would highly recommend her. Extremely personable and professional. I rate her services with 5 stars