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Mercury free dentistry practices from dentist in HK

In the holistic dental practice, the focus takes into account how dental problems and their proposed solutions will affect the body. An important aspect of holistic dentistry is the use of amalgam alternatives for tooth repair. There is good reason for practicing as an amalgam free dentist in Central Hong Kong, aligning with Dr. Tong’s desire to promote health and wellbeing in her patients rather than just a pretty set of teeth.

Why not use amalgam?

Amalgam dental fillings have been a part of dentistry since most of us can remember. The widespread use of amalgam, a combination of various metals, began more than a century ago and has continued today, even in the face of alarming data regarding the mercury in amalgam fillings. In an amalgam filling, there needs to be some sort of agent that binds metals together, forming the solid surface. The agent of choice in this case is mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth. Understanding the level of toxicity in the smallest amount of mercury, one can clearly see why this substance may not be the best for tooth repair.

Fillings are always present. They do not come out of the mouth unless removed, hopefully by a mercury safe dentist who uses a specific protocol for safety. Being in the mouth at all times means that mercury is also in the mouth at all times, though not in the way many may want to believe. Mercury does not remain stable in the amalgam filling. Instead, the heating of amalgam that occurs when chewing causes mercury to vaporize, leaving the filling material, and entering the mouth and body.

The accumulation of mercury in the body

Amalgam fillings, when handled in a dental office, must be contained in hazardous waste containers. This should tell us something about the toxicity of mercury in dental amalgam. In the body, mercury affects every cell, of which there are trillions. As such, the accumulative effect of mercury toxicity can take decades to develop into symptoms. The overall effect will depend on how many mercury fillings are in the mouth and how long they have been there.

Rather than take chances with her patients’ health, Dr. Tong repairs teeth using mercury-free composite resin material. Additionally, she uses a specific, systematic protocol to remove existing fillings and offers her patients counselling for detoxifying the body from accumulated mercury.

It is possible to receive whole-body care from an experienced holistic dentist. Call 852 2810 1801 today for your appointment with Dr. Titania Tong.

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