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Teeth Whitening

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There are several factors about our appearance that lend to our overall sense of self-confidence. At the top of the list is the state of our smile. When we meet others, the first things that are noticed are the eyes and the smile, which lends to the importance of healthy, beautiful teeth. The area of cosmetic dentistry added the teeth whitening treatment many years ago, and this is still a very popular smile-enhancing procedure today.

Because this cosmetic treatment has been around so long, there are now multiple options for brightening the smile. In our office, we provide two professional-grade whitening services. Before obtaining professional care, however, we have heard that many patients first try what they feel will be a more convenient and cost-effective way to enhance the smile.

Store-bought whiteners

In every general retail store, it is easy to find a variety of products promising to lighten teeth by several shades. These products may range from whitening pastes to strips containing bleaching agent. Although they may be immediately affordable, commercial products contain low concentration whitening gel and can therefore provide only limited results. These products have also been shown to cause irritation to gum tissue, as there are no safety measures to prevent the product from spreading.

Professional at-home whitening

To meet the needs of our patients, we offer at-home whitening that delivers the kind of results you really want. Using professional grade whitening gel and a custom-fitted bleaching tray, this whitening method consists of nightly wear for anywhere from seven to fourteen days. Due to the tight fit of the bleaching tray, there is less chance of gum irritation, as the gel remains on the teeth.

It is important to note that teeth whitening is a process that causes teeth to become dehydrated. This is why sensitivity occurs after a few days of using an at-home whitener. During this time, we encourage our patients to continue with the whitening regimen until completion so that desired results can be achieved. Stopping treatment and then restarting after sensitivity subsides reduces the effectiveness and limits results.

Zoom! Whitening

One of the best methods of enhancing the smile is Zoom! in-office whitening. This treatment is not only convenient; it produces immediate results with very limited sensitivity. Zoom! has long been promoted as a lunch-hour treatment that takes only about sixty minutes to complete. In our office, however, we believe that taking our time makes a difference, and we allot two hours for the completion of the whitening process. During this time, the patient may watch a movie on our overhead television or just sit comfortably while listening to music.

The results that Dr. Tong gets, will last for a quoted average of 2-3 years. However, after providing whitening treatments for her patients over the past 10 years, a lot of her patients have seen their results last much longer than the quoted average. There are patients who are maintaining their whitened result even after 4-5 years. So a professional treatment that is done well is worth the extra time and cost.

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