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Composite fillings are free of mercury and BPA in our Hong Kong practice

Mercury free Composite filling from Dentist in Hong Kong

Amalgam fillings have been around for so long they are all that most people know. This cavity treatment was first developed before the 19th century and it continues to be promoted by dentists around the world. Throughout dentistry, improvements have taken place. For instance, all metal crowns have largely been replaced by tooth-colored restorations. In the same way, some dentists, such as Dr. Titania Tong, now offer composite fillings that have no BPA and no mercury. For a healthy, attractive alternative to antiquated amalgam, call our Hong Kong office.

Appearance is not the only reason that today’s dental patient wants to avoid amalgam fillings. More and more, we are seeing what holistic dentists and researchers have been saying for many years: mercury is dangerous and does not belong in the mouth. This substance, due to toxicity, has been removed from most consumer products. Citing research that confirms the release of mercury vapors from amalgam fillings, Dr. Tong believes that patients deserve better.

An experienced Hong Kong holistic dentist, Dr. Tong is proud to offer BPA-free, mercury-free composite fillings for tooth repair. Composite resin, which is a blend of quartz and plastic, is a material that can be used to repair teeth and to make them more attractive. For many years, dentists have had the ability to fill cavities and disguise cosmetic imperfections quickly and with long lasting results.

Composite fillings are both durable and discreet. In the repair of cavities, Dr. Tong color-matches composite resin material to the same shade of white seen on surrounding teeth. Once bonded and cured, the filling material blends in perfectly, hiding the fact that damage has ever occurred.

In addition to appearance, composites offer the benefit of longevity. Many patients with old amalgam fillings have learned that metal and enamel do not necessarily go together. Each material expands and contracts in response to hot and cold temperatures. Because their rate of movement differs, amalgams can eventually cause the repaired tooth to fracture, requiring extensive care for restoration.

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