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Mercury free dentistry in Central HK is cost effective and receives quality reviews

Mercury free dentistry practices from dentist in Central HK

The difference in holistic dentistry is the focus on the patient’s health beyond the mouth. Conditions or issues that begin in the mouth can have staggering impact on the entire body. Overall wellness, including immunity can be affected by oral health. Because of this proven relationship, Dr. Tong and her staff believe in a mercury-free practice that utilizes the least toxic biocompatible materials for dental procedures. Biocompatible means that the materials will not harm tissue.

Holistic, mercury-free, dental providers like Dr. Tong have the same education, training, and experience of any other licensed dental practitioner. At her office, they provide all of the same preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures that you can find in any other dental office. The difference is that Dr. Tong takes the health and wellness of the patient one step further than traditional dental care.

So, why do holistic dental practitioners believe in mercury-free care?

Mercury is a toxic element that can be very dangerous when absorbed by the skin or inhaled. In decades past, amalgam fillings, which can contain up to 50 percent mercury, were the standard for dental procedures. Studies have found that patients with amalgam fillings can be exposed to the dangerous vapors when they chew their food, grind their teeth, or consume hot foods and drinks. This exposure can lead to potential health problems.

Instead of amalgam fillings, we prefer to use composite fillings. This biocompatible alternative to amalgam is strong and matches the color of natural tooth enamel for a seamless restoration.

In the event a patient needs to have amalgam fillings replaced, we follow a strict protocol to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff. Mercury-free, holistic dentistry can also be a way for our patients to save on the cost of dental care. By focusing on preventative care and total health, patients can reduce the risk for decay or disease.

If you are interested in finding out why so many patients in Central HK are giving mercury-free dentistry rave reviews, call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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