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BPA free composites used in our Central Hong Kong practice restore beauty and strength

BPA free composites from dentist in Central Hong Kong

Amalgam dental fillings have been the norm for many decades. These fillings may be seem like an affordable option, and may be promoted by most insurance companies, but your holistic dentist recognizes the potential dangers of dental amalgam. The primary concern with amalgam fillings is their mercury content. Research has shown us that mercury is extremely poisonous. In fact, it is the most toxic non-radioactive substance on earth. This fact alone causes us to question the validity of mercury in amalgam dental fillings. Due to the amount of mercury in each filling, there is the potential for mercury poisoning. This is because amalgam fillings are heated in the chewing process, releasing mercury vapors into the mouth. Mercury can then build up in the body, affecting various organs, including the brain.

Dr. Titania Tong has dedicated her dental career to the provision of holistic care. We use BPA-free composites in our Central Hong Kong practice to repair tooth damage in a way that does not compromise general health and wellbeing.

Composite resin has been used in dentistry for many years. This material is a combination of plastic and powdered glass. It is directly applied to teeth in a soft, moldable form and can be shaped not only to repair cavities but also to close gaps or mask cracks, chips, and other imperfections.

Our BPA-free composite resin dental fillings are durable and beautiful. This material is colored to match natural enamel, so no one will ever know that you have had dental work done. Because composite fillings are bonded to tooth material and cured with a special light, they are immediately hardened. This is beneficial over amalgam fillings, which remain somewhat soft for several days after placement. The bonding process, as well, improves the long term success of the dental filling due to the tight seal of the borders.

Aside from appearance, there are a number of advantages to BPA-free composite fillings. With the level of care provided by your Central HK holistic dentist, you can enjoy a very happy, very healthy smile.

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