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Family Dentistry

While general dentistry and family dentistry often include the same basic services, we take this term to heart as we have treated some of our patients as they have journeyed through life, treating not only them, but now their children. Maintaining a philosophy of fostering a family friendly environment, we encourage parents to bring their young children in for what we call a “watch and see session.”

Dr. Titania may have the child sit on their parents lap while the child receives care. In doing this, we have found that children experience less anxiety when it comes time for their dental examination and treatment. We also maintain a high standard of care for all of our patients so that when the time comes, they will feel fully confident in our ability to handle the dental needs of their family members.

Dr. Tong with happy patient
Dr.Tong with Young Patient

Ideally, our patients will learn excellent oral hygiene habits and obtain nutritional support when needed for the maintenance of oral health. Examinations should be scheduled every six months, during which, teeth and gums are evaluated, and professional cleanings are performed. For patients who may be dealing with a specific concern, such as gum disease, check-ups may need to take place more frequently.

It is most beneficial to visit our office before you are in pain. With regular check-ups, cleanings, and maintenance care, you can enjoy a smile that is beautiful and also functions properly.

We love the idea of bringing up a new generation of patients that understand the importance of oral care and hygiene practices. By starting early, we can better prevent the decay of young teeth, a dangerous condition for the effect it has on the teeth that are yet to emerge from gum tissue. Preventing decay and loss of baby teeth is of great importance to our team, as we know how this will impact the future positioning of new teeth.

We also help parents deal with thumb sucking in their child. This habit is quite common and can be difficult to handle. Allowing a child to continue sucking his or her thumb for a prolonged period can impact the position of both upper and lower front teeth. We may advise treatment with a customized oral appliance that can be worn to inhibit this habit and protect the aesthetics of the smile.

Also a large part of family dentistry is orthodontic treatment, which may include the placement of traditional braces with the help of an orthodontic specialist, or customized treatment using Invisalign.

Through a personalized approach to care that may include nutritional guidance, restorative care, or orthodontics, we strive to bring our patients to their healthiest smiles.

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