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What are the benefits for a patient of mercury-free dentistry?

Health Benefits of Mercury Free Dentistry from Dentist in Hong Kong

We choose to offer mercury-free dentistry to our Central Hong Kong patients because of our firm belief in the benefits of using the safest materials. Despite the fact that many leading dental resources maintain their stance regarding the safety of these dental products, such as the commonly-used amalgam, we believe that evidence may prove otherwise. It is on this basis that we choose to take no chances with the health of our patients. The use of metal-free composite materials also provides patients with a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance, because they closely match the natural coloring of teeth.

Our commitment to mercury-free dentistry comes into play with a number of services we offer. Composite materials, as well as porcelain, provide durability and beauty, while eliminating the potential risks a patient may have when exposed to mercury. Our fillings are tooth-colored, and integrate well with the natural tooth. In our experience, the durability and bonding of our mercury-free fillings is superior, in addition to contributing to patient health.

Porcelain crowns are another mercury-free treatment we provide so that a patient can enjoy safety, superior beauty, as well as function. We use this procedure to restore teeth that are broken, cracked, or have extensive decay. Porcelain is a metal-free material, which provides strong protection, reliability, and integrative appearance for a more pleasing smile.

Caring for these restorations is exactly the same as the recommended practices for one’s natural teeth. With consistent brushing, flossing, and preventative dental visits, a patient can expect many years of trouble-free satisfaction – without the health risks associated with some products used in other practices.

Call us to schedule your next dental appointment and experience the benefits of mercury-free dentistry. We also offer safe and effective removal of mercury-containing restorations, and replacement with these beautiful alternatives. If you’re concerned with the impact of your dental health on your overall health, trust us to provide you with the most innovative modern dental treatments available today.

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