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Your mercury free dentist discusses the advantages and disadvantages of composite filling options in Central Hong Kong

advantages and disadvantages of composite filling options from Dentist in Central Hong Kong

With the recent revelations about the dangers of amalgam dental fillings becoming more evident, people of all ages are considering alternative options for restoration. Your holistic dentist is a practitioner who has probably avoided the use of amalgam since well before its dangers were widely reported. Amalgam fillings, to the holistic dentist, have been suspected in the accumulation of mercury in the body. Mercury is a natural toxin so potent that it has been removed from a number of commercial products such as thermometers. As an alternative to amalgam fillings, mercury free dentists offer composite resin material as one of … Continue reading

Going beyond amalgam free dentistry in Central HK

amalgam free dentistry in Central HK

Holistic dentistry is dedicated to looking at the “big picture”. This means that our team uses the safest materials, the safest tools, and the safest techniques to help patients enjoy true oral and systemic health. Our practice is not only devoted to promoting healthy teeth and gums. We have in-depth knowledge, backed by scientific data, which confirms the impact of oral health on the body. Using this data, we formulate care plans for individual patients best suited to their needs. We also go beyond the mercury-free practice and follow stringent mercury-safe practices Amalgam free dentistry Amalgam is the dental material … Continue reading

Amalgam filling removal is performed with specific points in our Central, HK practice

Amalgam filling removal from dentist in Central, HK

Most adults who received fillings as children were treated with dental amalgam. This material has been the most commonly used filling material for over fifty years. Seen as more affordable than gold or other materials, amalgam took center stage many years ago, and is still widely accepted as safe by a number of organizations and dentists. Dr. Titania Tong is a dentist who sees the danger in dental amalgam, proven by numerous studies. She does not place amalgam fillings. Moreover, when a patient desires to have amalgam fillings taken out, we follow a strict removal process in our Central HK … Continue reading

What are the benefits of mercury free fillings for central HK patients?

mercury free fillings from dentist in central HK

Many problems can occur due to amalgam fillings. While dentists in the past have used silver amalgam fillings to address tooth decay, they have a number of risks—some of which can affect a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. The biggest risk is the possibility of mercury poisoning. This can happen because the compound is half mercury. The risk is in the mercury vapor, which is released when mercury is heated. This can occur with the everyday chewing action of a patient’s teeth. The risk can also be increased when the filling is inserted or removed. Reducing the risks associated with … Continue reading

Working with a mercury free dentist in Central HK makes sense for several reasons

mercury free dentist in Central HK

Over the past several years, a debate regarding the safety of certain dental materials has been ongoing. Primarily, some dentists believe that there is enough evidence to prove the danger of metal in dental restorations. Due to the longevity of this debate, millions of people around the world are left wondering what is true. Is amalgam actually dangerous when it has been used for many decades? How could something so small be so concerning to health? Always putting patient wellbeing first, Dr. Tong chooses to use non-mercury fillings in her dental office. Being a mercury free dentist in Central HK, Dr. Tong does … Continue reading

Mercury free dental solutions from your Central HK dentist

Mercury free dental solutions from Central HK dentist

A large part of the holistic dental practice is the abstinence of the use of mercury. This substance has been shown, in many research studies, to have a detrimental impact on the body. The reason for the large list of negative effects is that mercury is a toxic substance. Seeing the truth about mercury, Dr. Titania Tong has chosen to offer her patients healthier, safer alternatives to mercury laden amalgam fillings, which are fifty percent mercury. Even when contained in a dental filling with other metals, mercury has several properties that make it unsafe. In a filling, mercury releases vapours … Continue reading