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Avoid the problem of bad breath with affordable family dentistry in Hong Kong

Affordable Family dental care from Dentist in Central HK

Bad breath is something that all people would prefer to avoid. Often, this problem is associated with some type of digestive trouble. Another common cause is eating certain foods. Food sources can leave behind some type of evidence, such as a temporary distinct odour. Onions and garlic, for instance, can often remain present in the breath. When bad breath stems from food, the remedy can be as simple as eating some parsley or chewing gum. When bad breath seems to be chronic, however, there are various reasons to be concerned.

Most often, the underlying cause of bad breath is oral bacteria, which are present in every person’s mouth. In balance, oral bacteria are a necessary part of health. The balance must be correct, though, if we want to avoid bad breath and dental concerns like cavities and gum disease.

When we eat foods or enjoy beverages other than water, and we do not immediately brush our teeth, debris remains on teeth and gums, providing a food source for bacteria. These microorganisms eat and subsequently leave acidic by-product in the mouth. The toxic acid and sulphur compounds left on the back of the tongue and teeth can cause the breath to smell bad. An easy solution to the problem, then, is to brush teeth regularly after snacks and meals. Doing so decreases the food source for bacteria and generally guards oral health.

In addition to daily oral hygiene practices, it is beneficial to the teeth and gums to receive affordable family dentistry treatments regularly from your Hong Kong dentist. Through examination and cleaning, we can monitor the presence of oral bacteria, remove plaque and tartar that can harbour bacteria, and discuss ways to keep the mouth clean and fresh.

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem, but there are solutions to be found. If daily brushing and flossing are not keeping your breath fresh, call our office to schedule an exam with Dr. Titania Tong.

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