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What exactly can a family dentist near me in Central HK do for my smile?

wide range of Family dental care services from Dentist in Central HK

The family dentist is the professional we trust with our smile and our oral health as a whole. During routine examinations and cleanings, our teeth and gums are carefully monitored and we receive guidance on how to keep them in their best condition. This basic level of care is ideal for all of us. If you have wondered, “What will a family dentist near me do for my smile?” there is a lot to learn from Dr. Titania Tong in Central HK. Not only does Dr. Tong provide wonderful routine care, she recognizes when a patient may need a little something extra.

Statistics show that the number of adults aged 55 and over with periodontal disease is more than 50 percent. After the age of 55, the risk of gum recession increases. Gum recession is the condition in which separation occurs between the gums and teeth. Adults who visit Dr. Tong are monitored through ongoing care and are promptly treated when either of these problems are detected. Additionally, our patients receive outstanding preventive care in the form of support and professional hygiene services.

The human body is in a constant state of change. The older we get, the more we notice the effects of biological changes, such as stiff joints or fine lines and wrinkles. The mouth, as well, will change over time. One of the reasons our risk for gum disease increases with age, according to a study found in Nature Immunology, is because the body produces less of the chemical Del-1, associated with gum health.

Aging is not something we can stop. It is possible, however, to enjoy optimal oral health throughout the various stages of life. Dr. Titania Tong gets to know her patients, even encouraging parents to bring their young children in for a stress-free “get to know her” experience before their first personal check-up. As needed per clinical findings, patients may receive nutritional guidance that will facilitate the management of oral health and minimize the risk of imbalance in the delicate oral environment.

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