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An experienced dentist will have a simple list of recommendations for Hong Kong patients

Best Family dental care from experienced Dentist in Central HK

One of the best practices for maintaining a healthy, attractive smile is to find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. Most dentists today understand that even basic services can make a large percentage of people uncomfortable. Dental anxiety is not a phenomenon that affects only a few people here and there. Many men and women, for whatever their personal reason, find it difficult to visit the dentist. Dr. Titania Tong has designed her Hong Kong dental practice with this in mind. Her services and her chairside manner reflect her desire to keep patients comfortable.

Oral health is not extremely complicated. At the same time, one’s level of oral health will be affected by a great many factors. One of the greatest factors in determining oral health is the diet. Due to the nature of the standard diet, there is a tendency for the oral environment to become very acidic. The more acidic the mouth, the more oral bacteria thrive. The more bacteria there are, the more acidic the mouth becomes. It’s a vicious cycle that your experienced dentist will help you manage through gentle care and nutritional guidance.

Most dental offices provide a basic menu of preventive and restorative services designed to manage oral health. Services such as routine exams and cleanings, as well as fillings, other repairs, and gum disease treatments are all found in Dr. Tong’s office, as well. Where patients benefit is not only through specific services but through personal attention that seeks to identify risk factors for common problems and solutions to minimize these risks.

The continuity of care provided by your family dentist can set you up for many years of oral health. Through ongoing, routine visits, your dentist gets to know the unique needs of your smile. What affects your teeth and gums will be different from others, and the care you receive should follow suit. For instance, when your dentist is familiar with your smile, she can quickly identify problems such as inflammation, excessive plaque, dry mouth, and more. From this familiarity comes a simple list of recommendations for sustained oral health.

There may be basics to oral health, such as brushing and flossing, but nothing can replace the personalized attention that comes from teaming with an experienced dentist. Get to know your Hong Kong dentist. Call 852 2810 1801.

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