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Consider the benefits of a crown from your dentist in Hong Kong if you have a broken tooth

Dental crown from Family Dentist in Central HK

Teeth have multiple layers, the outermost being durable enamel. Although this material is very strong and intended to last decades, it can be damaged. Many people, for one reason or another, have the unpleasant experience of a break or fracture in a tooth.

A broken tooth is not a problem that can be ignored, even if the break seems minor. The loss of any amount of tooth material can affect the structural integrity of the entire tooth. Without assessment and repair, it is possible that the initial minor break will result in further damage that invites infection to the inner areas of the tooth.

If you experience a fracture or break in a tooth, immediate pain may be diminished somewhat with pain medication and a warm salt-water rinse. Very soon after, though, professional care will be needed. Contact our office right away for urgent dental attention and you can save yourself undue stress and pain.

One of the most common ways to repair a broken tooth is with a dental crown. In her Hong Kong practice, Dr. Tong performs an in-depth evaluation of the damaged tooth in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Crowns are restorations that are used to cover an entire tooth so that existing damage is not worsened through everyday wear and tear.

Crowns used today are fabricated to look very natural and to last for many years with good care and sustained oral health. Patients of Dr. Titania Tong have the opportunity to choose dental crowns that contain no metal. Porcelain crowns are very popular for a number of reasons, including their tendency to replicate the natural characteristics of tooth enamel.

Tooth repair involving a dental crown is completed over two dental visits. The first visit is designed to assess damage and modify the tooth structure to accommodate a custom-fitted crown. Through this step, all damage is removed and the remaining structure is more stable. Models are taken and sent to a dental lab, and the tooth is fitted with a temporary crown. The follow-up visit will complete the repair process. At this time, Dr. Tong will remove the temporary crown and assess the final restoration for proper fit, including how opposing teeth fit together. When bonded into place, this final crown can last for many years.

Broken teeth can cause a great deal of stress if not sufficiently repaired right away. Don’t let a broken tooth steal your desire to smile. Call our Hong Kong dental office for gentle, efficient repair.

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