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What are the benefits of mercury free fillings for central HK patients?

mercury free fillings from dentist in central HK

Many problems can occur due to amalgam fillings. While dentists in the past have used silver amalgam fillings to address tooth decay, they have a number of risks—some of which can affect a patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

The biggest risk is the possibility of mercury poisoning. This can happen because the compound is half mercury. The risk is in the mercury vapor, which is released when mercury is heated. This can occur with the everyday chewing action of a patient’s teeth. The risk can also be increased when the filling is inserted or removed.

Reducing the risks associated with amalgam fillings is important to our team. We want to ensure that our patients are doing what is best for their smile and their body. This is why we provide holistic, mercury free dentistry, because of the benefits of mercury free fillings. Central HK residents can visit our practice to receive alternative fillings, such as resin composites.

There are many advantages to composite fillings in addition to the obvious health benefits. Composite filling will reduce the risk of sensitivity that a patient may experience with mercury. Patients who have this sensitivity might develop issues such as an allergic reaction or oral lesions. Our practice wants to make sure that our patients do not develop any problems after having their fillings placed.

Additionally, composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing. Since they can be made to match the tooth color, patients can smile and feel confident about their smiles even when they have dental fillings. Silver amalgam fillings are dark in color and extremely noticeable in the mouth. Many patients want to improve the aesthetics of their smile, and composite fillings can do just that!

If you are considering the benefits of mercury free fillings, central HK dentists are here to help. Call our practice today to schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about the benefits of using composite fillings for restoring teeth after dental decay, and learn how it can benefit your smile and your overall health and wellbeing!

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