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Working with a mercury free dentist in Central HK makes sense for several reasons

mercury free dentist in Central HK

Over the past several years, a debate regarding the safety of certain dental materials has been ongoing. Primarily, some dentists believe that there is enough evidence to prove the danger of metal in dental restorations. Due to the longevity of this debate, millions of people around the world are left wondering what is true. Is amalgam actually dangerous when it has been used for many decades? How could something so small be so concerning to health? Always putting patient wellbeing first, Dr. Tong chooses to use non-mercury fillings in her dental office.

Being a mercury free dentist in Central HK, Dr. Tong does not place amalgam fillings, and she follows the strict protocol for the safe removal of such restorations. Over the years, these fillings have been associated with a number of serious health conditions. This is because amalgam fillings contain about fifty percent mercury, blended with other metals. Mercury affects the function of the immune system, impeding the natural defense mechanisms that keep us from becoming ill.

This substance, known as a neurotoxin, also promotes resistance to antibiotics, further increasing the risk of illness. Research has found that mercury can actually encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria, including streptococci, staphylococci, amoebas, and various species of Candida.

Ultimately, mercury is a poison that does not belong in the body. Research findings from the Karlinksa Institute of Sweden show that our bodies tend to have allergic responses to metals such as fillings, very quickly after insertion. Of all metal allergies, mercury is at the top of the list.

Today, we have far more options than ever before when it comes to dental materials. When there are metal-free solutions to tooth repair, amalgam is unnecessary. This harmful substance has no place in dentistry, and we ensure our patients safety and ongoing health by offering a variety of materials which have been proven safe, strong, long-lasting, and attractive.

Dr. Tong is an experienced holistic dentist in Central HK, providing dental care for the whole family. Contact us today for your dental check-up.

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