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Going beyond amalgam free dentistry in Central HK

amalgam free dentistry in Central HK

Holistic dentistry is dedicated to looking at the “big picture”. This means that our team uses the safest materials, the safest tools, and the safest techniques to help patients enjoy true oral and systemic health. Our practice is not only devoted to promoting healthy teeth and gums. We have in-depth knowledge, backed by scientific data, which confirms the impact of oral health on the body. Using this data, we formulate care plans for individual patients best suited to their needs. We also go beyond the mercury-free practice and follow stringent mercury-safe practices

Amalgam free dentistry

Amalgam is the dental material commonly used for fillings. This material is composed of various metals and mercury, which binds them together. Amalgam fillings are also called mercury fillings for this reason. Research has shown the immediate and long term effects of mercury in amalgam fillings may be highly detrimental to the various organs in the body. Even the smallest amalgam filling can increase the risk of systemic toxicity. Central HK office is a completely mercury free practice.

The World Health Organization is making strides in encouraging all countries around the world to phase out the use of amalgam in favour of mercury-free options such as composite resin. To be amalgam free means that your practice does not place amalgam fillings . But it must also remove amalgam fillings safely. Dr. Titania Tong have not placed amalgam fillings for the past 10 years and is a an amalgam-free dentist. Her office, however, goes beyond this standard and practices the highest possible degree of mercury safety as well.

Mercury safe dentistry

Mercury is a highly volatile substance. Its extreme toxicity is well-documented. Dr. Tong understands the characteristics of mercury, such as toxic vapours. In addition to avoiding the use of amalgam, she also follows the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) protocol for the removal of existing amalgam fillings.

Any dentist may remove an amalgam filling. Only a mercury-safe dentist, however, will remove the filling in such a way to reduce the risks of excessive exposure to mercury. Dr. Tong takes several extra steps to safely remove amalgam fillings.

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