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Your mercury free dentist discusses the advantages and disadvantages of composite filling options in Central Hong Kong

advantages and disadvantages of composite filling options from Dentist in Central Hong Kong

With the recent revelations about the dangers of amalgam dental fillings becoming more evident, people of all ages are considering alternative options for restoration. Your holistic dentist is a practitioner who has probably avoided the use of amalgam since well before its dangers were widely reported. Amalgam fillings, to the holistic dentist, have been suspected in the accumulation of mercury in the body. Mercury is a natural toxin so potent that it has been removed from a number of commercial products such as thermometers. As an alternative to amalgam fillings, mercury free dentists offer composite resin material as one of the best options for tooth repair. In Central Hong Kong, you can benefit from the ideals and experience of Dr. Titania Tong.

Composite resin is not a new material used in dentistry. This mixture of powdered glass and plastic has been used for many years to repair cavities, but also has a place in cosmetic dentistry. Using composite resin, dentists reshape teeth, repair chips and cracks, close gaps, and change the colour of teeth for a more vibrant appearance.

Dental fillings made with composite resin are colour-matched to the shade of surrounding tooth structure, making them extremely appealing on an aesthetic level. When cavities and cosmetic imperfections are corrected with this material, there is no evidence of dental work or its preceding dental problem. Composite resin offers a number of other benefits in addition to attractiveness:

  • Less drilling is required to place a composite resin filling, which means more natural tooth structure is preserved. When there is more natural structure, there is greater durability for long-term function.
  • Composite resin fillings are cured by a special light in our office. Amalgam fillings can take a few days to harden.
  • Composite resin fillings are bonded to tooth structure, rather than retained mechanically. There are several advantages to the bonding procedure, including durability and tight seams.
  • A damaged composite resin filing can be repaired rather than replaced.

Composite resin fillings are an ideal choice for many people. To experience the benefits of mercury-free dentistry, call our office at 852 2810 1801 for your consultation with Dr. Tong.

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