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Why should you select a holistic dentist?

holistic dental care from Dentist in Central HK

Holistic or biological dentistry is a unique approach to dental care where a dentist’s prime vision is to promote the health and overall well-being of the patients by taking into account both the physical and emotional health. In other words, holistic dentistry does not restrict care to just teeth, its treatments touch on both the oral health and the overall health of patients.

Therefore, under the care of a holistic dentist you can expect to receive a special dental care package that will mostly focus on eliminating the use of toxic materials like mercury in dental treatments and removing any traces of it if patients already have them. A holistic dentist is sternly dedicated and trained in the process of safe mercury removal. Mercury is a very toxic metal and should never be used in dental fillings or any other procedure. Holistic dentists never use mercury or any other toxic metals in their treatments.

In their promise and commitment to providing metal-free dentistry, patients can always expect holistic dentists to use biocompatible materials in all their procedures. This means that all the materials that will be used during procedures like fillings, crowns and bridges will only consist of bio-compatible materials that also look very natural and aesthetically-pleasing.

Other features that set apart holistic dentists from others include the safe and non-toxic environment of the dental office, the use of low radiation x-ray and scanning technology and a clean water supply. A holistic dentist’s office is one which is specially designed and arranged to ensure safety and the non-use of toxic materials. In a nutshell, a holistic dental office is one which is free of fluoride and mercury.

The most important treatment objective of holistic dentists is to provide such dental care that not only focuses on the teeth and dental makeup of patients but also their overall health. With holistic dental treatments, patients can expect to have optimum oral and overall health.

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