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Holistic dentistry guards health and leads to beautiful smile images in Hong Kong

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Amalgam fillings are among some of the most concerning restorations in dentistry. While dental amalgam has been used around the world for more than a century and a half, there are significant findings that cause the holistic dentist to step away from the use of this material.

The primary risk associated with dental amalgam is mercury and its toxicity. Amalgams are so heavy in their mercury content that they are one of the primary sources of toxicity faced by consumers today. Each time an amalgam filling is heated, as occurs when food is chewed, mercury escapes into the mouth and to the body.

One of the goals of holistic dentistry is to reduce mercury exposure through the use of mercury-free restorations. Not only do resin composites produce beautiful smile images, they protect our Hong Kong patients from the dangers of a poisonous substance.

Composite resin dental fillings are composed of a mixture of glass and BPA-free plastics. Coloured to match surrounding tooth material, these fillings are appealing for their ultra-natural appearance, an important aspect in our image-conscious society. The benefits of composite fillings go far beyond aesthetics.

When a tooth is repaired with dental amalgam, there is a fair chance that the body won’t like it. Many patients who have had teeth repaired with this material experience subsequent sensitivity that ranges from intolerance to hot and cold temperatures to oral lesions. Dr. Tong and her team want our patients to have the best possible dental experiences, and we follow up to ensure no ill-effects are felt after restoration.

While tooth-coloured fillings may give the impression of cosmetic treatment, research shows us that composite resin may outlast and outperform amalgam in the long run. There are a few factors that make this so. Amalgam is a mixture of metals, such as nickel and tin. Metals, like all other substances, expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Composite resin, as well, will be altered with temperature changes. The difference between the two is that composites move in a very similar fashion to enamel, where amalgam does not. As such, composite fillings are far less likely to cause fractures in the repaired tooth. The secondary factor, that increases the longevity of composites is the bonding process through which fillings are adhered to tooth structure. Achieving tighter margins and excellent retention, bonding can actually strengthen the damaged tooth.

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