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Give your body the best with holistic dental care in Central HK

best holistic dental care from Dentist in Central HK

Dr. Tong is proud to offer holistic dental services to her patients. Our team sees the body as a whole, with each part interconnected. The state of your oral health directly affects your general health, which makes the best holistic dental care from your Central HK dentist a necessity rather than a luxury. Some of the elements holistic dentistry is most known for include mercury-free dental fillings and specialized, non-surgical gum disease treatments.

In our dental practice, we focus on promoting healthy mouths and bodies with a biological approach to dental care. Dr. Tong offers various holistic dental treatments to meet her patients’ unique needs, with each taking into account the effect of oral health on the body. If you live in the area of Central Hong Kong and would like to become a part of a dental family that genuinely cares about your wellbeing, we invite you to schedule your appointment with Dr. Titania Tong.

Some of the ways in which your holistic dentist promotes healthy teeth, gums, and bodies includes:

Mercury-free restorations

For decades, conventional dentistry has used amalgam to fill cavities. Amalgam became popular long ago as an affordable alternative to gold fillings. This material, however, contains mercury in addition to tin, copper, and other metals. Your holistic dentist sees mercury as the toxin it is, and does not use this substance in any type of dental treatment. Instead, we offer alternatives such as ceramic, porcelain, gold, and composite resin.

Non-surgical gum disease treatment

Dr. Tong performs a comprehensive examination of the gums during routine dental check-ups, with the intent of detecting the earliest signs of gum disease. With early detection comes a greater chance for non-surgical treatment that includes counselling for proper oral hygiene.

Nutritional counselling

Your holistic dentist, seeing the body as an interconnected unit, recognizes the power nutrition has over oral health. With proper nutrition, our teeth and gums can actually maintain a high degree of resistance to cavities and other dental problems such as gum disease. We not only encourage our patients to consume foods that will feed teeth and inhibit bacteria, we provide guidance to help them create new eating habits.

Dr. Tong is passionate about building healthy smiles. With her holistic approach to dental care, your whole body benefits. Contact us for your dental exam today.

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