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Many patients in the Hong Kong area ask, “What is holistic dentistry?”

What is holistic dentistry? explained by Dentist in Central HK

In today’s society, patients are becoming more aware of the way they care for their bodies. People are becoming more active and exercising more, while others are focusing on how well they are feeding and fueling their bodies. With this in mind, it makes complete sense for these same people to take note of how they are taking care of their smiles. Dr. Titania Tong of Hong Kong is proud to offer solutions for patients including holistic dental care.

What is holistic dentistry? Holistic dentistry is dental treatments and services that are biocompatible with the body. They are treatments that may be beneficial to improve oral health while maintaining health and wellness. Treatments are free from mercury.

The holistic dentistry approach eliminates the use of silver amalgam fillings within the mouth. These fillings contain mercury, which is harmful to the human body. Amalgam fillings also expand and contract within the tooth. This causes gaps between the filling and the tooth structure, which may allow bacteria to get into the tooth and infect the dental pulp. Once this happens, root canal therapy may be needed. Additionally, if this procedure fails, patients may need to have the tooth removed and restored using dentures or dental bridges.

In addition to avoiding silver amalgam fillings, holistic dentistry also reduces the use of metal restorations. This includes metal crowns and bridges. Metal is not the best material to use in the mouth, and these restorations are better replaced with ceramic. Ceramic, such as porcelain, mimics the appearance of the natural tooth enamel for a more aesthetic integration into the smile.

Patients who have silver amalgam fillings and are interested in removal can have that performed here in our practice. We follow IAOMT standards, which dictate the safest way to remove fillings for everyone involved, including patients and staff.

If you live in or around the area of Hong Kong and are interested in learning more about the advantages of holistic dental care, contact Dr. Titania Tong and her staff today to book a consultation appointment with our team of professionals.

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