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Bio dentistry in Hong Kong can improve your life

Bio dentistry services from Dentist in Hong Kong

Throughout the many decades of modern dentistry, a growing number of dental professionals have discovered that the best way to provide a high standard of care is with elevated standards. Dr. Titania Tong focuses on bio dentistry techniques and practices. The principals on which our Hong Kong practice has been built do more than treat symptoms, they promote the health and wellbeing of our patients.

There are several benefits that come from teaming with a holistic dental team:

Digging deeper

Bio dentistry is not geared toward a “quick fix” for dental problems. Dr. Tong goes further and takes in the big picture when treating individual patients, knowing that the mouth affects the body and vice versa. Often, problems in the body can be identified as an underlying issue leading to poor oral health. Sometimes, imbalance in the body is to blame for challenges dealing with cavities, gum disease, or other concerns. The care provided by a holistic dentist seeks to understand how the mouth and body are working together so that personalized dental care can be provided for whole-body health.

Treatment options for health

The materials and techniques used in bio dentistry are selected for their low impact on surrounding tissues as well as the body’s mechanisms. Dr. Tong offers a variety of metal-free restorations and uses specific techniques for the prevention and treatment of oral conditions like gum disease and infection.

Heavy metals

In a general dental practice, restorations contain substances such as mercury, copper, silver, tin, and more. With ample research proving the detrimental impact of heavy metals on the body, a holistic dentist chooses not to subject patients to these health hazards. In addition to avoiding hazardous materials, Dr. Tong has also been specifically trained in the safest known removal of existing amalgam fillings.

Complete care

Dr. Tong has a great deal of familiarities with the mouth in relation to the body. Her expertise has led her to team with a skilled nutritionist for the detoxification of heavy metals and counselling for patients who want to improve balance in the mouth and body to enjoy better oral health for life.

Practicing holistic dentistry is something we love to do! Our team is happy to answer your questions and discuss ways to achieve your dental goals. Call our office at 852 2810 1801 to schedule your visit.

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