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How holistic oral and dental care in our centre in Hong Kong can protect health and wellness

holistic oral and dental care from Dentist in Hong Kong

There is a significant difference in how the holistic dentist practices. In the office of Dr. Titania Tong, the mouth is cared for in the context of the whole body. Dr. Tong understands that each tooth is an important structure in the body, and should be respected as such. Even small problems like cavities can have a big impact on health and wellness. For this reason alone, it is beneficial to obtain holistic oral and dental care in our centre in Hong Kong.

When a tooth or teeth have cavities, this means that harmful bacteria outnumber good and that the overall oral environment has become too acidic for optimal health. Bad bacteria, those which cause tooth decay and gum disease, also threaten various other systems in the body. The same type of bacteria found in plaque on teeth has been discovered in the plaque of clogged arteries in the heart. Aside from bacterial invasion from the mouth to the body, there is another important link between oral and systemic health.

Tooth structure and the body

Teeth are fixtures that enable us to chew and to look nice when we smile. Aside from this, we may give very little thought to how each singular tooth may affect the body. Ancient Chinese physicians, however, understood the intricacies of the body and of life energy. Today, the map of 14 distinct meridians is mapped out for us to better understand the inner workings of the body. Through these pathways, each system, including the skeletal system, are intricately involved in the flow of energy.

Meridians and teeth

In the Meridian tooth chart, we are able to identify the connection that each tooth has with the body. So accurate are these connections that a look at your physical symptoms will allow your experienced dentist to pinpoint the “problem tooth.” More and more, individuals who receive treatment from a holistic dentist are reporting an immediate improvement in physical wellness after a tooth or teeth have been properly restored with biologically compatible techniques and materials. The reason for the improvement in health is that the flow of energy has been unblocked in the meridian of the affected tooth.

Holistic dental care is designed to honor the body as a whole. The link between oral health and wellness is very real, and your dentist can help you enjoy optimal health through specific dental care. Dr. Tong has over two decades of experience and hundreds of very happy patients. To schedule your appointment, call 852 2810 1801.

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