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Reasons patients seek painless dentistry in Central Hong Kong

pain free dental treatment from Dentist in Central Hong Kong

Visiting the dentist should not cause anxiety. We want patients to feel comfortable in our office but understand that fears still exist for some patients. Conveniently located in Central, Hong Kong, our dental practice is sensitive to each patient’s emotional and physical comfort. Our team is gentle, considerate, and respectful of patients. Patients who continue to be nervous about dental visits can rest easy knowing we provide painless dentistry treatments using topical anesthetics before injections, oral sedation, and an anesthetist when necessary. With light handed, gentle techniques, we do our best to keep you comfortable. What is oral sedation? While we want everyone … Continue reading

Dentist provides pain free, stress-free care to Hong Kong patients

pain free, stress-free care from Dentist in Hong Kong

People who fear visiting the dentist often have the perception that they are the only ones with intense feelings of apprehension. Dr. Tong and her team understand that this is highly inaccurate. In truth, there is a fairly high percentage of people who suffer from dental anxiety. Recognizing this, Dr. Tong is a dentist who is dedicated to eliminating the fear of pain in her Hong Kong patients. In addition to getting to know our patients and showing true empathy for dental anxiety, we provide specific add-ons to treatment, such as oral or IV sedation, to facilitate the most positive … Continue reading

Ways sedation achieves pain and stress free dental treatment in Central HK

pain and stress free dental treatment from Dentist in Central HK

Sedation dentistry services are still relatively new to many dental offices. For much of the history of dentistry, anaesthesia was considered only for complex procedures. We believe that our patients deserve to look forward to visiting our office, so we have designed our space to be welcoming and stress free. Dr. Tong practices with a very light hand and gentle demeanour so that patients experience pain free dental treatment in our Central HK office. Still, total relaxation may be enhanced with either oral or IV sedation. There are many reasons patients may prefer working with a dental office in which … Continue reading

With a skilled sedation dentist in Central HK, you can feel great about dental care

HK expert sedation dentist offers pain free dental treatment

You may do your best to take care of your teeth at home by brushing and flossing daily. These steps are only a part of the care that creates optimal oral health. To ensure that your smile remains beautiful and healthy takes an extensively trained and watchful eye that knows what to look for. As individuals, we are so familiar with our own teeth and gums that we may miss the early warning signs that problems are around the corner. It may sound logical that dental visits are necessary for sustained health. The fact is, however, that many people avoid … Continue reading

How does Central HK dentist provide pain free dentistry procedures?

HK dentist explains how pain free dental treatments work

It is common for patients who are visiting the dentist to be uneasy about the appointment. They may have had past experiences that have made them anxious about dental visits, or they may be scared of the pain and discomfort they think they may feel if they visit the dentist. This is completely understandable; we work hard at reducing or eliminating the pain, anxiety, and uncomfortable feelings that patients may experience before or during their dental appointment. Our Central HK practice will provide pain free dentistry procedures for patients so they can be at ease about their dental health and … Continue reading

Best methods used by Central, HK dentist for pain free treatment

HK dentist offers pain free dental treatment

Patients of all ages can feel fear and anxiety while visiting the dentist. These patients tend to avoid the dentist and do not receive the oral health care they require to maintain healthy smiles due to their inability to control their anxiety. Our practice understands that not everyone views a trip to the dental office as a positive visit. We have empathy for our patients, and believe that any treatments received should be pain free for the best experience possible. We offer different methods of sedation to provide quality, comfortable care for patients of all ages. At our holistic dental … Continue reading