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Ways sedation achieves pain and stress free dental treatment in Central HK

pain and stress free dental treatment from Dentist in Central HK

Sedation dentistry services are still relatively new to many dental offices. For much of the history of dentistry, anaesthesia was considered only for complex procedures. We believe that our patients deserve to look forward to visiting our office, so we have designed our space to be welcoming and stress free. Dr. Tong practices with a very light hand and gentle demeanour so that patients experience pain free dental treatment in our Central HK office. Still, total relaxation may be enhanced with either oral or IV sedation.

There are many reasons patients may prefer working with a dental office in which sedation services are available.

  1. Conquer dental anxiety. Many people harbour such fear of dental treatment that they avoid visiting their dentist for years. Sedation wipes out anxiety and allows even very fearful patients to receive stress-free, pain-free care.
  2. Relaxation. There is no reason to reserve sedation for fearful patients only. There are those for whom dental visits may not be wrought with anxiety, but are still somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps you have difficulty sitting still or tend to feel hurried. Sedation will allow you to sit back, relax, and make it through dental visits without such feelings.
  3. Reduce sensitivity. Sedation medications are not intended for pain reduction, which is why local anaesthetic is used for dental treatments. However, patients under sedation often find that anaesthetic capabilities are maximized due to the reduction in sensitivity to external stimuli.
  4. Minimize fatigue. Yes, sitting in a dental chair can cause overall tension in muscles that leads to soreness. Sedation relaxes both mind and body, decreasing this tension.
  5. Maximize time. When the patient is relaxed with sedation, it is possible to complete several procedures in a single visit.
  6. Maximize efficiency. A dentist’s first concern is the comfort of the patient. When a patient is clearly uncomfortable, is gagging or moving, the issue of anxiety must be resolved before treatment can proceed. Relaxation from sedation allows the dental team to focus on precision treatment.
  7. No more gagging. Some people dislike dental care because their gag reflex is very strong. Because sedation relaxes the mind as well as the muscles, the gag reflex is greatly reduced.
  8. No claustrophobia. Dental treatment may be uncomfortable simply because you do not like the sensation of someone “in your face.” This is actually a form of anxiety that disappears with sedation.
  9. Amnesia anyone? One of the hidden benefits of sedation dentistry is that you will likely have no memory of your time in the dental chair.

Dr. Titania Tong is committed to patient comfort. If you have felt anxious during past dental visits, contact us to see how sedation can greatly improve your experiences.

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