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Dentist provides pain free, stress-free care to Hong Kong patients

pain free, stress-free care from Dentist in Hong Kong

People who fear visiting the dentist often have the perception that they are the only ones with intense feelings of apprehension. Dr. Tong and her team understand that this is highly inaccurate. In truth, there is a fairly high percentage of people who suffer from dental anxiety. Recognizing this, Dr. Tong is a dentist who is dedicated to eliminating the fear of pain in her Hong Kong patients.

In addition to getting to know our patients and showing true empathy for dental anxiety, we provide specific add-ons to treatment, such as oral or IV sedation, to facilitate the most positive dental experiences. We want our patients to know that dental care does not have to be what they have envisioned, or even what they may have experienced in the past. Working with Dr. Tong, it is possible to handle your smile concerns without the anxiety related to unpleasant factors.


Most of us would do just about anything to avoid pain, especially when it is related to our teeth and gums. We sympathize with anyone who has had an unpleasant, uncomfortable dental experience, and we work not only with adequate anaesthetic but also with very gentle techniques. Dedicated to pain-free experiences, we can even numb the gums before the administration of local anaesthetic, catering to patients for whom injections are a source of anxiety.


Not everyone, who fears seeing the dentist fears pain. In many instances, the problem is a strong gag reflex. For some, this reflex is so strong that gagging occurs when they brush their teeth. Understandably, it can be an embarrassing situation to gag while your teeth are being examined or cleaned. Your dentist has solutions for gagging. We can change the position when possible, such as sitting the chair in a more upright position for treatments, and we can take advantage of the many benefits of sedation, which include taming the gag reflex.

Each person is different, and the causes for dental anxiety are as unique as each individual. Whether you have received substandard care, or you feel somewhat uncomfortable or claustrophobic having someone so close to your face, there are methods of improving your dental experience. Speak with your empathetic dentist about your concerns and learn how our techniques and options for sedation can help you improve your oral health and smile. Call 852 2810 1801 today.

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