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Best methods used by Central, HK dentist for pain free treatment

HK dentist offers pain free dental treatment

Patients of all ages can feel fear and anxiety while visiting the dentist. These patients tend to avoid the dentist and do not receive the oral health care they require to maintain healthy smiles due to their inability to control their anxiety. Our practice understands that not everyone views a trip to the dental office as a positive visit. We have empathy for our patients, and believe that any treatments received should be pain free for the best experience possible. We offer different methods of sedation to provide quality, comfortable care for patients of all ages.

At our holistic dental practice, we offer two common methods of sedation: oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. They can be used in conjunction with local anaesthetics for the best pain free dental treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation relaxes a patient well before an appointment and over several hours. A patient requires transportation to and from the dentist during oral conscious sedation, as it is unsafe for an individual to drive. However, the patient is coherent and conscious, allowing him or her to fully interact with the dentist while content and relaxed.

IV Sedation

When extensive dental work is required, our team may recommend IV sedation. Administered intravenously, IV sedation injects medication directly into the bloodstream to relax a patient. This is performed by an anaesthetist who monitors the individual throughout the procedure.

We focus on helping patients achieve healthy, happy smiles with holistic dental care, and offer a practice in which patients are comfortable and relaxed while receiving their treatment. We ensure that our patients have proper anaesthesia and sedation to carry them through extensive dental procedures. This allows patients to avoid any pain and discomfort throughout their visits.

If you are a patient in the Central HK area interested in sedation methods for pain free dentistry, contact our practice today and schedule a consultation appointment. Learning more about our methods allows patients to be knowledgeable about their oral health and the ways in which they can achieve great dental wellbeing.

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