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Reasons patients seek painless dentistry in Central Hong Kong

pain free dental treatment from Dentist in Central Hong Kong

Visiting the dentist should not cause anxiety. We want patients to feel comfortable in our office but understand that fears still exist for some patients. Conveniently located in Central, Hong Kong, our dental practice is sensitive to each patient’s emotional and physical comfort. Our team is gentle, considerate, and respectful of patients. Patients who continue to be nervous about dental visits can rest easy knowing we provide painless dentistry treatments using topical anesthetics before injections, oral sedation, and an anesthetist when necessary. With light handed, gentle techniques, we do our best to keep you comfortable.

What is oral sedation?

While we want everyone to feel comfortable visiting the office, we understand anxiety is still present for some patients. Those with notable anxiety may benefit from oral sedation. Oral conscious sedation involves an oral medication that has been prescribed by the dentist and taken ahead of time. One pill is taken the night before the appointment; another is taken the morning of the dental visit. This helps ensure a feeling of relaxation, diminishing any lingering stresses. Although the patient usually remains awake throughout the dental procedure, this is a sedative treatment. The patient needs to arrange for transportation to and from the appointment and should remain at home following the treatment as the effects take a few hours to wear off.

Oral sedation is not only for anxiety

For patients who stress and avoid going to the dentist due to their fears, oral sedation ensures that previously felt anxieties no longer interfere with dental procedures. Many patients have no recollection of their appointmentwhich helps ease fears for future appointments. Sedation dentistry may be used for patients who:

  • Fear pain
  • Fear needles
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Cannot sit still through a dental procedure
  • Need a significant amount of dental work

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