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How does Central HK dentist provide pain free dentistry procedures?

HK dentist explains how pain free dental treatments work

It is common for patients who are visiting the dentist to be uneasy about the appointment. They may have had past experiences that have made them anxious about dental visits, or they may be scared of the pain and discomfort they think they may feel if they visit the dentist. This is completely understandable; we work hard at reducing or eliminating the pain, anxiety, and uncomfortable feelings that patients may experience before or during their dental appointment. Our Central HK practice will provide pain free dentistry procedures for patients so they can be at ease about their dental health and wellbeing.

Pain free dentistry encompasses practices that ease the patient’s pain or anxiety. In most cases, a topical anesthetic is used to help eliminate discomfort that a patient may feel during a treatment and eliminates the pain of anesthetic injections.

Pain free dentistry also uses sedation methods such as oral sedation or IV sedation. These methods are proven in relaxing patients and eliminating the anxiety response that many patients typically experience. Oral sedation requires that a patient take prescription medication before his or her appointment and arrange transportation to and from the practice. The next day, they will not have little or no memory of their dental treatment. IV sedation, on the other hand, can be used for patients going through extensive procedures that require extended time in the dental chair.

By combining these methods, patients can enjoy dental visits free from anxiety and pain, and can maintain their dental appointments without the fear they may have experienced in the past. Maintaining regular visits to the dentist is essential to maintaining optimal oral health.

If you are a patient who is ready to enjoy pain free dentistry procedures, Central HK dentists can help. Our practice is focused on making dental visits pleasant, enjoyable, and void of discomfort and anxiety, and we have several methods to provide this. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment and find out which sedation or anesthetic method is best in providing you with pain free dental services.

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