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With a skilled sedation dentist in Central HK, you can feel great about dental care

HK expert sedation dentist offers pain free dental treatment

You may do your best to take care of your teeth at home by brushing and flossing daily. These steps are only a part of the care that creates optimal oral health. To ensure that your smile remains beautiful and healthy takes an extensively trained and watchful eye that knows what to look for. As individuals, we are so familiar with our own teeth and gums that we may miss the early warning signs that problems are around the corner.

It may sound logical that dental visits are necessary for sustained health. The fact is, however, that many people avoid the dentist, knowingly or not, because they find dental care stressful. For many people, there is a perception that dental care is painful. For some, a previous bad experience could be behind dental anxiety. Whatever the reason, we want our patients to know that visiting the dentist does not have to hurt or be stressful.

Dr. Titania Tong is very empathetic to her patients. She understands the history of dentistry in terms of patient perception. Our patients receive treatment by calm, caring professionals in a relaxing setting. We listen to our patients’ needs and concerns, and offer solutions that will make dental care far more enjoyable and productive. One such way we promote comfort is with sedation dentistry.

Visiting the dentist in Central HK can take on a completely new feel when you know your visits will be pleasant and stress-free. Using oral conscious sedation techniques, Dr. Tong ensures that nervous patients receive the care they need in the most comfortable manner. Oral conscious sedation is a popular option for anxious patients, regardless of their exact underlying fear.

After consuming a prescription sedative at home, you simply have someone drive you to our office where we will tend to your dental needs with gentleness and compassion. You will have the ability to communicate with us freely, but will find it easy to sit through whatever treatment you have been scheduled for. Some people use sedation for procedures such as root canal therapy or extraction, while others may need sedation for deep cleanings or periodontal therapy. Whatever your needs, we encourage you to discuss them with Dr. Tong so that we may devise a plan that allows you to comfortably receive care.

Oral conscious sedation allows a far more pleasant visit by:

  • Significantly reducing stress and fear
  • Creating a more positive experience with your dentist
  • Enabling patients to complete several procedures in one day

A significant benefit to the use of oral conscious sedation for visits is that patients maintain regular visits, no longer fearing dental care. When you feel good about seeing the dentist, you will do so as recommended, preventing painful dental problems in the future.

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