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Central Hong Kong practice delves beyond types of teeth and what they do to their connection to whole-body health

Dentist in Central dental care can help whole-body health

Many of our patients may be somewhat familiar with the four basic types of teeth and their functions. Before visiting our practice in Central Hong Kong, they may be less familiar with the connection each of these types of teeth has to the rest of the body. Ancient cultures through the millennium understood what some modern practitioners are just beginning to embrace; each tooth is directly linked to a specific body part and, as such, the health of that tooth reflects or influences the health of that interconnected body part. A primer on our teeth Basically, the types of teeth … Continue reading

Your Hong Kong dentist reviews reasons to seek treatment for gum disease

treatment for gum disease from Dentist in Central HK

Although we hear more about gum disease than we ever have before, many people are still somewhat in the dark about how to spot this condition. The truth is that gum disease can be very difficult to detect outside of the routine dental exam. If you want to keep your smile free of disease like cavities and gum infection, we encourage you to schedule appointments with Dr. Tong every six months. An experienced holistic dentist who has served Hong Kong families for many years, Dr. Tong reviews signs that indicate professional care is needed. A common mistake that people often … Continue reading

Good oral hygiene and care from your dentist in Hong Kong combine to fight gum disease

Good oral hygiene and care from dentist in Hong Kong

One of the common issues treated in general dentistry is gum disease, also called periodontal disease. This infection in the gums tends to begin in the tissues closest to the base of teeth. As such, it is possible to prevent gum disease by keeping these areas clean and by maintaining the healthiest possible immune system. Though preventable, the infectious process of gum disease is concerning for two very clear reasons. The first is that oral hygiene may neither be as clear nor as effective as one may think. Second, gum disease develops in such a mild manner that it can … Continue reading

Care from your dentist near Kowloon is important to oral health

Kowloon Dentist improve patients dental health

We would all like to enjoy a healthy, attractive smile. The good news is that keeping teeth and gums healthy is not difficult. There is no magic trick to avoiding cavities and gum disease, just a little daily practice and professional care from your dentist near Kowloon. By keeping regular check-ups as recommended based on your needs and following your dentist’s recommendations for home care, you can achieve your goals for oral health. The care of teeth on a daily basis at home is easy. It is, however, where most people slip up in terms of oral hygiene. It is … Continue reading

Find out how to promote oral health from your dentist in Hong Kong

best dental services from Dentist in Central HK

Dr. Titania Tong is a dentist who has the primary goal of helping her patients keep their natural teeth as healthy as possible. If all of our care could be preventive in nature, that would be fine with us. In addition to providing exams and cleanings for the prevention of dental problems, Dr. Tong discusses with her patients the effect that foods, drinks, and plain old biochemistry have on oral health. While dentistry has often gone only so far as to say “€œbrush and floss daily”, Dr. Tong wants her patients to understand why these and other habits are so … Continue reading

Your holistic general dentist in Central Hong Kong encourages healthy food choices

dentist in central hong kong encourages healthy food choices

The more research points to oral health as a large determinant of systemic health, the more we are realizing that dental care habits are about more than pretty teeth. Dr. Titania Tong provides patients of all ages with the best possible holistic care using the safest materials and techniques. In her office, patients not only learn about how to care for their teeth with hygiene but they also discover that what they eat and drink will either help or hinder their efforts. Never has it been truer that we are what we eat. One of the primary substances we think … Continue reading

Learn about cavities and cavity prevention from your pediatric dentist in Central Hong Kong

cavities and cavity prevention from pediatric dentist in Central Hong Kong

When we see our children in distress or sickness, our hearts break. Even the pain of a toothache can be very upsetting. While there are ways to repair cavities, we also like to educate our patients on the various causes of cavities and ways in which they can be prevented. Dr. Titania Tong is a wonderful general and pediatric dentistin the Central Hong Kong area with whom you can help your family enjoy excellent oral health. Cavities are a common dental problem that stem from harmful oral bacteria which are sometimes referred to as dental caries. When a cavity develops, it is important … Continue reading

Preventive general dentistry services in Central HK keep you smiling

Preventive general dentistry services from HK Dentist

Dr. Titania Tong is dedicated to helping her patients achieve and maintain happy, healthy smiles for life. The best medicine is prevention, which we strive for through treatments, education, and encouragement. Why is preventive care important? Problems such as cavities and gum disease are very common amongst people of all ages, despite the fact that each condition could be prevented. Prevention, however, does not come from a single treatment performed only once. To keep your smile its healthiest takes ongoing commitment on your part, as well as from your dentist. There are several factors of modern living that are detrimental … Continue reading

Services offered by the best general dentist in Central HK

wide rages of services offer by Dentist in Central HK

General dentistry is a field of dentistry that is focused on prevention and conservative treatment when dental issues occur. Patients visiting their dentist regularly and taking good care of their oral health at home have a lower risk of developing concerns such as periodontal disease. This improves their chances of maintaining a healthier smile. Dr. Titania Tong, of Central HK offers a wide variety of services to her patients Composite Fillings When tooth decay occurs, fillings may be necessary to keep the condition from progressing. At Dr. Tong’s practice, she focuses on using tooth- coloured fillings which are more healthy … Continue reading

Our general and cosmetic dentistry treatments in Central HK keep you smiling

general and cosmetic dentistry treatments from Dentist in Central HK

We share the most important part of ourselves, our personality, through our smile. We get to know one another first through non-verbal communication, with first impressions made before a word is spoken. In every situation, whether professional or personal, it is advantageous to make a good impression. You never know the importance of someone you meet. In our general dentistry practice in Central HK, our goal is to keep our patients smiling. Dr. Tong carefully assesses teeth and gums during routine examinations, understanding that what happens in the mouth has an impact on how the smile looks and on general health and wellbeing. … Continue reading