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Good oral hygiene and care from your dentist in Hong Kong combine to fight gum disease

Good oral hygiene and care from dentist in Hong Kong

One of the common issues treated in general dentistry is gum disease, also called periodontal disease. This infection in the gums tends to begin in the tissues closest to the base of teeth. As such, it is possible to prevent gum disease by keeping these areas clean and by maintaining the healthiest possible immune system.

Though preventable, the infectious process of gum disease is concerning for two very clear reasons. The first is that oral hygiene may neither be as clear nor as effective as one may think. Second, gum disease develops in such a mild manner that it can become pervasive before a person realizes the severity of his or her condition.

Good hygiene for gum disease prevention

Experienced dentist serving the Hong Kong area, Dr. Titania Tong is dedicated to educating her patients on the various aspects of oral hygiene. The goal of brushing and flossing teeth is to inhibit the activity of oral bacteria, which cause cavities in addition to gum disease. Because microorganisms accumulate in the mouth frequently, it is important to clean teeth and gums in order to prevent the weakening of enamel and gum tissue.

Proper oral hygiene involves:

  • Brushing all surfaces of every tooth
  • Gentle brushing at the gum line
  • Flossing in between teeth (which accounts for one-third of a tooth’s surface)
  • Using special tools such as oral irrigation or a floss threader as necessary for efficient cleaning beneath bridges or around braces
  • Brushing teeth or rinsing the mouth with water after meals and snacks

Professional dental care

Removing plaque is essential for the prevention of dental problems like gum disease. This substance, were it obvious, may be fairly easy to remove successfully. Plaque is, however, essentially invisible on tooth surfaces. Not only is it very difficult to look in the mirror and know you have plaque, but it is nearly impossible to determine if you have efficiently removed plaque with brushing and flossing. No matter how well you brush and floss, it is possible that a small amount of bacteria may be collecting in hard to reach places.

In the office of Dr. Titania Tong, Hong Kong patients receive gentle, thorough cleanings through which plaque and tartar are removed. Professional dental care, in examining the teeth and gums, can also alert you to shortcomings in oral hygiene, allowing you the opportunity to improve your technique for better oral health.

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