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Your Hong Kong dentist reviews reasons to seek treatment for gum disease

treatment for gum disease from Dentist in Central HK

Although we hear more about gum disease than we ever have before, many people are still somewhat in the dark about how to spot this condition. The truth is that gum disease can be very difficult to detect outside of the routine dental exam. If you want to keep your smile free of disease like cavities and gum infection, we encourage you to schedule appointments with Dr. Tong every six months. An experienced holistic dentist who has served Hong Kong families for many years, Dr. Tong reviews signs that indicate professional care is needed.

A common mistake that people often make is ignoring early signs of gum disease. They may think chronic bad breath is due to certain foods or lifestyle habits. In some instances, persistent bad breath may not even be noticed or may be thought normal. It is not. Another sign that is ignored is bleeding gums. Mildly infected gums tend to bleed when brushing or flossing, healthy gums will not bleed when you brush and floss.

There are several stages to gum disease, gingivitis being the first and most easily curable. The key to preventing extensive damage from a disease process that can progress quickly is to recognize the signs of early infection and receive prompt care from your holistic dentist in Hong Kong. If we act quickly, we can gain control of harmful bacteria and show you how home care and lifestyle habits may combine with professional care to maintain optimal oral health. If care is not received in time, bacteria will invade deeper tissues.

One of the greatest threats to oral health is bacteria. Because the mouth is naturally filled with millions of microorganisms, the goal is not to eliminate them but to keep them in balance. Because of the standard diet most people consume, the oral environment tends to be far more acidic than nature intended. When gums become inflamed, we know that imbalance is a problem we must quickly address.

When you look at your gums, you want to see nice pink, shiny tissue. If gums look red, they are inflamed. If they feel sore or sensitive, or if teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, your oral health is at risk. These early signs of disease can be treated effectively by Dr. Titania Tong, who offers gentle, conservative care based on individual need.

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