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Find out how to promote oral health from your dentist in Hong Kong

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Dr. Titania Tong is a dentist who has the primary goal of helping her patients keep their natural teeth as healthy as possible. If all of our care could be preventive in nature, that would be fine with us. In addition to providing exams and cleanings for the prevention of dental problems, Dr. Tong discusses with her patients the effect that foods, drinks, and plain old biochemistry have on oral health. While dentistry has often gone only so far as to say “€œbrush and floss daily”, Dr. Tong wants her patients to understand why these and other habits are so important to healthy teeth and gums as well as a healthy body.

One of the major causes of tooth decay and gum disease is the acidic environment often created in the mouth. Naturally, the mouth would lean towards the neutral or alkaline end of the spectrum. Ideally, the mouth should maintain a pH of 7.0 or higher. A level of 6.5 is neutral and anything below is acidic, increasing the risk for not only cavities but tooth erosion.

The popular school of thought has long been that sugar causes cavities. On the contrary, it is acid that breaks down tooth enamel, not sugar. Sugar residue merely feeds oral bacteria, which produce acidic byproduct. Acid may also come directly from food sources such as lemons, soda, and coffee, or from stomach acid. The reason why brushing and flossing come so highly recommended is because it is these habits that limit the impact of oral bacteria.

Acidity in the mouth as well as the body as a whole deprives tissues and blood of oxygen. When oxygen is insufficient, the body has a more difficult time fighting disease and healing itself. In the mouth, acidity accelerates the demineralization of teeth, which causes cavities. Alkalinity, on the other hand, allows oxygen to reach the various areas in which it is most productive, facilitating optimal health.

You can find it easier to manage oral health with a dentist in Hong Kong who offers nutritional counseling, such as Dr. Tong. In our office, patients can learn about the various food and beverage choices that may be harming their teeth and discover ways to avoid damage. Contact our office at 852 2810 1801 to schedule your visit.

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