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Your holistic general dentist in Central Hong Kong encourages healthy food choices

dentist in central hong kong encourages healthy food choices

The more research points to oral health as a large determinant of systemic health, the more we are realizing that dental care habits are about more than pretty teeth. Dr. Titania Tong provides patients of all ages with the best possible holistic care using the safest materials and techniques. In her office, patients not only learn about how to care for their teeth with hygiene but they also discover that what they eat and drink will either help or hinder their efforts. Never has it been truer that we are what we eat.

One of the primary substances we think we should avoid to prevent cavities and other dental problems is sugar. Technically, sugar is not the direct cause of cavities. It is not as though sugar residue sits on teeth and bores holes into enamel. What happens when we consume sugary foods and beverages is that sugar residue hangs around and provides a food source for tiny microorganisms that live in the mouth. These bacteria convert sugar into acid, which weakens and eats away at tooth structure, causing cavities.

Because sugar is a preferred food choice of bacteria, one of the best ways to keep teeth healthy is to avoid eating high-sugar foods. Secondary to avoiding sugar-laden foods and drinks, brushing or rinsing the mouth after consumption minimizes the amount of residue that remains on teeth.

When making healthy choices for teeth, it is important to recognize that the obvious culprits such as soda and candy are just a few of the foods that can increase the risk of cavities. Sugar content is also high in foods that are highly processed or have refined carbohydrates – foods like pasta.

High-sugar foods can be traded for whole foods like fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and calcium-rich foods like cheese and milk. There are several benefits to healthy food choices, one of which is the water content of fresh fruits and vegetables. The higher water content is good for keeping the mouth cleansed. Fresh, crunchy foods also provide natural cleansing with their rough texture.

Of course, it is very difficult to avoid all types of sugar in your diet. This is why oral hygiene and professional care from your dentist in Central Hong Kong is also important to ongoing oral health. For your dental exam and cleaning, call 852 2810 1801 .

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