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Our general and cosmetic dentistry treatments in Central HK keep you smiling

general and cosmetic dentistry treatments from Dentist in Central HK

We share the most important part of ourselves, our personality, through our smile. We get to know one another first through non-verbal communication, with first impressions made before a word is spoken. In every situation, whether professional or personal, it is advantageous to make a good impression. You never know the importance of someone you meet.

In our general dentistry practice in Central HK, our goal is to keep our patients smiling. Dr. Tong carefully assesses teeth and gums during routine examinations, understanding that what happens in the mouth has an impact on how the smile looks and on general health and wellbeing. In addition to providing excellent general care, we work with our patients to ensure teeth are properly cared for between visits with adequate oral hygiene practice.

When we think of maintaining a beautiful smile, it is easy to assume that cosmetic services are the way to go. While treatments such as teeth whitening can make an enormous difference in the appearance of the smile, there is a lot to be said for good old-fashioned oral hygiene.

The standard recommendation is that teeth should be brushed and flossed at least twice each day. These guidelines are in place to enhance the health and beauty of the smile by eliminating debris, plaque, and bacteria from the mouth. Using a non-abrasive toothpaste and an automatic toothbrush, the teeth can be adequately cleaned and, thus, better maintain their brightness, as well as their health.

Flossing is a vital part of keeping a healthy smile. Neglecting this part of your oral hygiene routine leaves a significant amount of tooth surface untouched. In between teeth that have not been flossed, bacteria can join with food debris and saliva, forming plaque. In plaque, bacteria flourish, and eat away healthy gum tissue. In time, the process of gum disease affects the attractiveness of the smile, as gums become red and inflamed. Carrying out excellent oral hygiene on a daily basis keeps teeth shiny and bright and aids in the maintenance of fresh breath.

Your smile is an indicator of your personality, and speaks volumes about you as a person. You can make sure your smile sends the right message by keeping teeth looking their best. With our general and cosmetic services, we give our patients more to smile about.

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