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Central HK dentist explains the benefits and cost of Invisalign braces

cost effective Invisalign braces from dentist in Central HK

Patients who are thinking about orthodontic treatment have far more options than ever before. From traditional braces to those that only focus on the front teeth to orthodontic treatment that’s nearly invisible, patients can choose the option that best fits their affordable cost, timeline, and lifestyle needs. Dr. Titania Tong, a respected dentist in Central, HK, helps her patients achieve the results they want with Invisalign.  About Invisalign Invisalign gently shifts the teeth into proper alignment using a series of clear and comfortable plastic aligners. It is ideal for patients who want to improve their smile without the embarrassment and discomfort that can come with traditional … Continue reading

Central HK dentist explains cosmetic dental surgery can improve the appearance and health of your smile.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery services from Dr. Titania Tong in Central HK

Dr. Titania Tong in Central HK understands that when a tooth is missing it can have a serious impact on a person’s self-confidence. A missing tooth can cause individuals to hide their smiles, feel self-conscious, or even avoid certain social and professional situations. However, there are cosmetic and restorative options to replace the tooth. With dental implants, an effective dental surgery, the replacement tooth will look and function like the natural tooth. What are dental implants? A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that attaches to a crown. During the procedure, a tiny metal rod is placed into the jawbone … Continue reading

Dental implant treatment is available for Central, HK area patients

Dental implant treatment from Dr. Titania Tong

Dr. Titania Tong is a quality dentist in Central, HK. She has a wide variety of treatments available, including replacing missing teeth with dental implants.  Dental implants explained Dr. Titania Tong describes dental implants as tooth root replacements. These restorations are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth. A more biocompatible material of zirconium are now used for implantation and are placed during oral surgery by specialists oral surgeons into the bone of the jaw. Once placed, it stimulates the production of bone growth that occurs naturally through Osseo integration. This keeps the implant firmly in place and … Continue reading

Central, HK dentist discusses the importance of seeking tooth decay and gum disease treatment early

badly decayed gum and teeth

When it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, prevention is your best friend. Good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular dental care are important factors in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Still, even your best efforts can fall a little shy, leaving you with a small cavity or the early signs of gum disease. While it may seem easy to ignore a small cavity with no pain, or gums that bleed a little while brushing, if left untreated, they can turn serious and require more invasive treatment. Tooth decay Tooth decay can be sneaky because it … Continue reading

Pain free dentist in Central, HK explains oral sedative treatment

woman at the dentist relaxed and smiling

Many people experience a mild form of anxiety when going to the dentist, however for some, the fear is debilitating. This phobia can keep people from getting care that is vital to their oral health and total wellbeing. So, what does a person do if they are truly fearful of a dental visit? The first step is to pick up the phone and call Dr. Titania Tong, a Central, HK dentist. Dr. Tong understands deep dental phobia and offers solutions that can get you back in the dentist’s office. Before determining the appropriate treatment for dental phobia, it’s a good … Continue reading

Help from a dentist in the Hong Kong area is a phone call away!

Woman calling on mobile phone

If you are seeking treatment from a dentist in the Central Hong Kong area, we encourage you to consider the benefits of seeing Dr. Titania Tong. She provides treatment for patients in and around the city with holistic, mercury-free solutions. Benefits of visiting Dr. Tong Dr. Tong is a dedicated dental professional, committed to ensuring patients have access to healthy, biological dentistry. She is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), and focuses on holistic care. She avoids the use of metal and amalgam in restorations, and with everything she does. Why holistic dentistry? Holistic dentistry avoids the … Continue reading

Dentist in Central Hong Kong offers variety of dental services

Dental instruments. Dentures and medical equipment

Dr. Titania Tong is a dentist in the Central Hong Kong area offering a wide variety of services including: Dental implants – These tooth replacement restorations are a lifetime alternative to bridges and dentures. Dental bridges – Bridges replace missing teeth in the dental arch. They utilize surrounding teeth to support the prosthetic, and are more durable than partial dentures. Dentures – Full and partial dentures play an important role in tooth replacement. They are often an affordable alternative to dental implants or bridges. TMJ/TMD – Patients with TMJ/TMD may also experience bruxism, which involves clenching and grinding. Oral appliance … Continue reading

The far-reaching hazards of dental mercury

Silver-colored amalgam dental fillings are made of about 50 percent mercury – one of the most toxic substances on earth. About 300 TONS of the toxin is put into the market every year as dental amalgam, and it never goes away. Each mercury filling placed in a patient’s mouth ends up polluting the environment eventually. Along the way, it wreaks havoc with the human biosystem. Amalgam is the greatest source of mercury in our wastewater, finding its way there from dental clinic disposal and human waste. Mercury vapor infiltrates the air via cremation, emissions from dental facilities, incineration of sludge, … Continue reading

Health benefits of mercury filling removal

In recent years, many studies have shown that the effects of mercury exposure can lead to damaging health conditions. In some cases, mercury can easily be avoided by adjusting a person’s diet and some environmental factors. However, many patients have found that their highest exposure to mercury is happening within his or her own mouth. For many years, metal fillings were used because they were thought to be the most durable. Unfortunately, these metal fillings contain high levels of mercury, which is released into the mouth all the time, and when the person performs daily activities such as eating, brushing, … Continue reading