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Pain free dentist in Central, HK explains oral sedative treatment

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Many people experience a mild form of anxiety when going to the dentist, however for some, the fear is debilitating. This phobia can keep people from getting care that is vital to their oral health and total wellbeing.

So, what does a person do if they are truly fearful of a dental visit? The first step is to pick up the phone and call Dr. Titania Tong, a Central, HK dentist. Dr. Tong understands deep dental phobia and offers solutions that can get you back in the dentist’s office.

Before determining the appropriate treatment for dental phobia, it’s a good idea to identify the cause. Typically, the cause of phobia can be linked to one or more of the following concerns:

  • Pain – This is the most common reason for phobia and is simply a matter of fearing that the visit may be painful.
  • Embarrassment – Some patients are self-conscious about issues within their mouth, which can make them uncomfortable.
  • Bad experiences – The memory of a past dental procedure can contribute to fear about going back to the dentist.
  • Fear of the unknown / Loss of control – The idea of letting go of control in the dental chair and not knowing what is about to happen can cause anxiety or phobia.


A simple solution: oral sedative treatment

Regardless of the reason for the fear, oral sedative treatment provides a stress-free dental experience. Patients will be given a prescribed oral sedative to take at home prior to coming in, and will need to arrange for transportation to and from the office. Patients will be able to communicate and respond to commands, but will easily relax during the procedure.

If you are fearful of the dentist, take the first step to renewed oral health by calling Dr. Tong and asking about oral sedative treatment.

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