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Dentist in Central HK describes the purpose of root canal treatment

Dr. Tong and her team of professionals in Central, HK

At the practice of Dr. Titania Tong in Central, HK, patients in the area can ask about the benefits of a variety of procedures, including root canal therapy. This treatment has a purpose, providing patients with a way of addressing an infection of the natural tooth without requiring extraction. Root canal therapy is a standard procedure done when patients are dealing with: Extremely large cavities within the tooth Infection and inflammation of the dental pulp within a tooth Abscesses Injury to the tooth If extraction of a tooth is not the treatment of choice then the only alternative is root … Continue reading

Patients in Hong Kong ask, “Root canal therapy vs. tooth extraction, which option is best?”

Root canal therapy and tooth extraction from dentist in dentist in Hong Kong

If you’ve had a nagging toothache or suddenly are in serious pain, you want it fixed quickly and effectively. Dr. Titania Tong in Hong Kong has helped countless patients address pain with dental treatments that work. She knows that when the decay or trauma to the tooth is serious, patients must weigh the benefits of root canal therapy vs. tooth extraction. Dr. Tong helps her patients understand the need for and benefits of each treatment. Behind the pain Patients often think that a sore tooth is caused by tooth decay that will require a filling. However, most cavities are detected … Continue reading

Root canals are treatment for decayed teeth can reduce risk of cancer for patients in Central HK

Decayed teeth can saved by Root canals treatment from Dentist in Central HK

Taking care of your teeth and gums is important. Dental conditions such as decay or gum disease can release bacteria into the body, increasing risk factors for other serious health conditions like diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. If you do experience advanced decay or significant trauma to a tooth, it is important to seek treatment immediately to restore health. We offer biological root canals to our patients in Central HK. What is a root canal? When decay is not treated early, it can travel further into the tooth and cause problems in the pulp, where nerves are located. This may cause a great deal of pain and discomfort … Continue reading

Biological dentist, Dr. Titania Tong of Central HK, proudly offers root canal treatment to save the natural tooth

root canal treatments from Biological Dentist in Central HK

When there has been disease, infection, or trauma to the pulp in the inner portion of the tooth, patients may need to consider root canal therapy. Dr. Titania Tong is a biological dentist in the area of Central, HK who proudly provides endodontic treatments. What is root canal therapy? Root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy, is a treatment used to save the structure of a natural tooth and eliminate the need to extract the tooth. This procedure is done right in the dental office and has several benefits. Root canal therapy: Saves a natural tooth Eliminates the cost of replacement with … Continue reading

Central HK dentist answers, “What is a holistic root canal”

holistic root canal treatments from Dentist in Central HK

Many patients in the Central HK area ask their mercury-free dentist, “What is a holistic root canal?” Holistic root canals are done in a similar manner to conventional root canal therapy, though we prefer this alternative for many reasons. Traditional root canal treatments done by dentists in the Central HK area are not biocompatible with the body. Our practice focuses on the health and wellness of the entire body—not just the smile—so we want to ensure that everything we do is to better oral health and overall health. Traditional root canal therapy requires certain chemicals and compounds that are harmful … Continue reading

Where can patients get holistic root canal treatments in Hong Kong?

root canal treatments from Dentist in Central HK

Patients to Dr. Titania Tong’s dental practice in Central HK know that their comfort and well-being are of top concern. For more than 30 years, Dr. Tong has provided an atmosphere where compassion, professionalism, and service merge to ensure that patients feel valued and respected. With a wide suite of dental care services, advanced technology, and innovative procedures, Dr. Tong ensures that the entire family can achieve their oral health goals. Prevention is key The right oral health care now can prevent future issues in the mouth. Preventative dental care goes beyond brushing and flossing. It includes regular visits to the dentist so that Dr. Tong and … Continue reading