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Central HK dentist answers, “What is a holistic root canal”

holistic root canal treatments from Dentist in Central HK

Many patients in the Central HK area ask their mercury-free dentist, “What is a holistic root canal?”

Holistic root canals are done in a similar manner to conventional root canal therapy, though we prefer this alternative for many reasons. Traditional root canal treatments done by dentists in the Central HK area are not biocompatible with the body. Our practice focuses on the health and wellness of the entire body—not just the smile—so we want to ensure that everything we do is to better oral health and overall health.

Traditional root canal therapy requires certain chemicals and compounds that are harmful to the body. These include the chlorine and formaldehyde used to sterilize the roots after the dental pulp has been removed, as well as gutta percha, the material used to fill in the canals after disinfection. Also, many dentists use mixed metal restorations such as crowns over the tooth, which can gave many side effects.

When we perform root canal therapy, we want to make sure everything we do is for the health and wellbeing of our patients’ smiles and body. We provide holistic root canal therapy, which is much more biologically friendly than those performed by conventional endodontists. During the holistic root canal therapy, the harmful substances typically used are replaced with more biocompatible materials for sterilization, filling, and protection. This includes the use of all-porcelain crowns and the elimination of harsh chemicals and ingredients in fillings and disinfectant. Using higher quality, biologically friendly solutions also reduces the risk of re-infection later on, as well as reduces the need to extract teeth.

Contact our Central HK practice to learn more about holistic root canal therapy and schedule your initial consultation appointment. We work with new and existing patients to provide holistic, biological services including root canal therapy, orthodontics, and many other general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our mercury-free dental practice focuses on health and wellness and can ensure that everything performed in our practice is good for you both inside and out!

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