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Your senior services dentist in Central HK can help you keep your healthiest smile

Dental care for seniors from Dentist in Central HK

As we go through life, our bodies develop changing needs. This includes our oral health. Specifically, several potential dental problems can develop in the older adult. We work with our patients, providing personalized dental care and education based on specific needs. We believe with a team effort, our patients can enjoy long-lasting oral health and beautiful smiles. The key is an understanding of what is needed in the different stages of life.

Our senior patients may experience dental problems such as:

  • Cavities, which are actually one of the primary problems seniors face. Every day, our teeth are exposed to the elements in our foods, as well as the environment. With age, teeth may become worn, and the enamel thins. The effects of plaque buildup and bacteria may lead to cavities, and the need for tooth repair. Dr. Tong carefully evaluates the condition of the teeth and gums, and discusses overall health with our patients. When we are aware of existing health problems or the use of certain medications, we may be alerted to issues such as dry mouth, which can increase oral bacterial activity and, thus, the risk of cavities.
  • Gum disease is a condition affecting many adults. It is important to treat this problem early, so teeth do not lose their supportive structures. Gum disease poses a concern for seniors, because its likelihood increases as the body’s physiology changes. We work with all of our patients in the area of oral hygiene, so that bacteria are effectively washed away on a daily basis. We understand that brushing and flossing may become difficult for the older adult, and can help you create workable solutions to gum disease as needed.
  • Dry mouth occurs as the salivary glands slow. Some find dry mouth to be more inconvenient than alarming. However, adequate saliva flow is necessary for the elimination of the bacteria that could lead to cavities and gum disease. Healthy oral balance relies on adequate moisture. To fight dry mouth, we encourage our patients to keep a bottle of water with them at all times, and sip on it throughout the day.
  • Tooth loss is the dental problem most associated with the senior population. The loss of teeth results in cosmetic issues, and can create general health problems, as the teeth are a necessary part of the digestive process. Dr. Tong is committed to the preservation of natural teeth as long as possible, and works with patients to eliminate the dental problems, such as gum disease, that can lead to the loss of teeth. In the event teeth are lost or need to be removed, we create custom-fitted bridgework and dentures that look and function like natural teeth.

Dr. Titania Tong is a senior services dentist in Central HK who practices gentle, compassionate dental care for patients of all ages. Contact us for your appointment today.

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