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Central, HK dentist provides biological dental care tailored to seniors

Dr. Titania Tong takes special interest in providing healthy biological senior dental care.

Central, HK is home to nearly 7.5 million people. About 1.5 million of them (more than 20 percent) are age 60 or older. Like every other part of their bodies, the mouth changes as they age. A different approach to dental care, with products, materials, and techniques focused on mature needs, is in order for these senior patients. Dental problems common to mature mouths Of the health challenges faced by older adults, dental problems are among the most frequent. Common oral issues include: Tooth decay – Kids are not the only ones who get cavities. Dental caries is prevalent in … Continue reading

Discovering dry mouth dental care for seniors in Central, Hong Kong

Dental Care For Seniors from Dr. Titania Tong

Proper dental care is important for patients of all ages, seniors are no different. As we age, our oral and overall health care needs gain additional attention. Issues such as gum disease, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes contribute to poor oral health and vice versa. Conveniently located in Central, Hong Kong, our inclusive dental practice offers services for patients of all ages. Our senior services include dentures and treatment for dry mouth syndrome. Dry mouth symptoms and causes Dry mouth is a result of a lack of saliva in the mouth. It is caused by medications taken for other medical issuesthat often become … Continue reading

Experiencing dental pain? Seek treatment in Central HK

Dental care for seniors from expert Dentist in Central HK

Dental pain is a common reason patients seek the help of a dentist in Central HK. Dr. Titania Tong sees patients outside of their regularly scheduled examinations when they are experiencing problems with their smile. This may mean damage to their natural tooth or gum tissue, sensitivity issues, or in some cases, pain and discomfort. Visiting a dentist when something is wrong is an appropriate step to ensure oral health and wellness. Why am I experiencing pain? It may be some simple sensitivity issues when enjoying sweets or hot beverages. However, if it is a constant toothache that is causing patients … Continue reading

Your senior services dentist in Central HK can help you keep your healthiest smile

Dental care for seniors from Dentist in Central HK

As we go through life, our bodies develop changing needs. This includes our oral health. Specifically, several potential dental problems can develop in the older adult. We work with our patients, providing personalized dental care and education based on specific needs. We believe with a team effort, our patients can enjoy long-lasting oral health and beautiful smiles. The key is an understanding of what is needed in the different stages of life. Our senior patients may experience dental problems such as: Cavities, which are actually one of the primary problems seniors face. Every day, our teeth are exposed to the … Continue reading