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Good health starts with Mercury Tri-Test Service at your holistic dentist’s office in Central, HK

Dr. Titania Tong combines holistic dental approaches and the advanced Mercury Tri-Test service to get an accurate picture of how this toxin has affected you

If you have silver fillings made from dental amalgam, mercury is continuously being emitted, absorbed and retained in your body – especially in your brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and GI tract. That’s because these fillings only look silver in colour; around half of each filling is actually made up of mercury. A mix of metals, including silver and copper, make up the remaining 50 percent. We are members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, which reports there are more than 250 specific symptoms associated with dental mercury exposure. These symptoms include headaches, fatigue, insomnia, mood changes, tremors, and rashes. Mercury exposure from dental amalgam is also implicated in the development of autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, heart problems, kidney disease, MS, and a number of other medical conditions

Our holistic approach to care combined with the latest technology helps to accurately pinpoint the levels of different types of mercury, as well as your body’s ability to excrete each form of mercury. The Mercury Tri-Test™ service in Central HK provides an unprecedented amount of details to help determine next steps – detoxification protocols and products to resolve symptoms, restore your overall health, and get you feeling more like your vital self again!

Get to know the Mercury Tri-Test™

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Pioneered by Quicksilver Scientific, a leader in toxicity testing and detoxification products, the Mercury Tri-Test™ measures the levels of both Inorganic (Hgll) and Methyl (MeHg) mercury. Proprietary technology separates both types of mercury, which renders specific data and leads to a better-defined treatment.

  • Inorganic mercury – Usually, Hgll reflects exposure to dental amalgams. This type of mercury is excreted through the urine. Some Hgll is also generated when methylmercury breaks down in the body. This form of mercury is the most destructive to living cells.
  • Methylmercury – Mostly, MeHg suggests a seafood-heavy diet. It can also accumulate in the gut when amalgam-based mercury is swallowed. Excreted MeHg is reflected in the hair and a hair-blood ratio provides an index of excretion efficiency, which refers to how well your body excretes these toxins out of the blood.

Advanced mercury speciation technology reads both forms of mercury in the part-per-trillion range. Today’s instruments are so sensitive that ambient (steady-state) blood mercury levels may be tested without the need for chelating agents and challenge testing. In previous decades, diagnostic equipment wasn’t advanced enough to measure ambient levels. Instead, challenge or provocation testing was used. This testing relied on strong chelating agents that pulled the mercury out of organic cellular structures for urine analysis. Over time, and with advances in technology and clinical studies, challenge testing has been found to be unreliable and potentially unsafe.

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Provocation agents can inflate blood and urine levels and interferes with getting an accurate picture of how your body is dealing with the mercury load under normal conditions. It also adds undue stress! If you’re considering mercury testing, you may already be under a great deal of stress and not feeling your best. Mercury Tri-Test™ is not only safe, but it’s also easy. Samples are taken of your hair, blood, and urine. You don’t need to fast before blood is drawn (through the urine sample will need to be derived on an empty stomach – no food or water). Results from the analysis of your samples arrives in about three to four weeks.

What the results mean (for your health)

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More accurately, toxicity is the body’s reaction to a specific level of mercury. Your body’s reaction depends on many factors, including genetics, diet, the presence of other toxins (like lead or mold), and underlying infections. The results from these measurements help us better understand the:

  • Sources of mercury exposure
  • Magnitude of that exposure
  • Burden on the body
  • Body’s ability to naturally rid itself of toxins

We combine such detailed information with your personal medical history and clinical presentation to determine if the metals burden poses a potential problem or is already contributing to existing ailments and conditions. From there, we’ll determine if (and what) support is needed. Our bodies are naturally great detoxifiers. But as we accumulate various toxins over time, our bodies become less effective at self-detoxifying. Moreover, exposure to toxins like the corrosive byproducts of amalgams contribute to inflammation in the intestines, which further damages the body’s ability to eliminate toxins on its own. Impaired detoxification increases your body’s susceptibility to chronic diseases.

No truly holistic dental office would be complete without having the processes in place to safely remove mercury-containing fillings. Our processes minimize mercury exposure in the body and from vapors and micro-particles released during the removal procedure. This is just one part of the detox process; products also help to clear your body of harmful elements. Restore your good health. Start with Mercury Tri-Test™ service. Call 852 2810 1801.

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