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Good health starts with Mercury Tri-Test Service at your holistic dentist’s office in Central, HK

Dr. Titania Tong combines holistic dental approaches and the advanced Mercury Tri-Test service to get an accurate picture of how this toxin has affected you

If you have silver fillings made from dental amalgam, mercury is continuously being emitted, absorbed and retained in your body – especially in your brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and GI tract. That’s because these fillings only look silver in colour; around half of each filling is actually made up of mercury. A mix of metals, including silver and copper, make up the remaining 50 percent. We are members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, which reports there are more than 250 specific symptoms associated with dental mercury exposure. These symptoms include headaches, fatigue, insomnia, mood changes, tremors, … Continue reading

What is the mercury Tri-Test available in Central, Hong Kong?

To learn more about the Mercury Tri-test in Central Hong Kong, consult with Dr. Titania Tong and take steps to safeguard your health.

According to scientists, mercury is a highly toxic material in every form. Our mucous membranes and skin can easily absorb it. We can easily inhale mercury vapors through respiration. Despite knowing its harmful effects, we have been misusing mercury to treat typhus, syphilis, skin conditions, intestinal parasites, constipation, and various other acute chronic conditions. In fact, mercury is even used in manufacturing dental amalgam fillings, and vaccines in the form of a preservative. As a result of the modern-day medicinal applications, the presence of mercury has reached dangerous levels in children and adults. Moreover, mercury can also enter the human … Continue reading

Why Central, HK residents choose Mercury Tri-Test

You’ve probably heard about people who spent years with failing health of unknown causes, only to discover that they were victims of mercury poisoning. If you also experience illness, fatigue, or other symptoms that doctors have been unable to identify, you might be wondering what the mercury levels are in your body. The most accurate way to answer that question is the Mercury Tri-Test, which is available from Dr. Tong ‘s office in Central, HK. Why mercury testing is important The sources of mercury exposure are many. It is found in seafood, in amalgam dental fillings, and, due to pollution, … Continue reading