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Out of several types of braces for teeth, Invisalign in Hong Kong does more than you may think

different type of teeth straighting braces available from Dentist in Central HK

A straight smile is one that we view as highly attractive. A smile that shows crowded, crooked teeth may cause a teen or adult a great deal of distress. No one should feel that they must hide their smile. This feature is how we share joy and allow our inner personality to shine. If your smile is not as you wish it to be, there are several types of braces for teeth straightening. Patients of Hong Kong dentist Titania Tong are often surprised at what Invisalign can do for their smile and their oral health.

Could misalignment cause headaches and other symptoms?

The jaw is a part of the skull, affecting the face, head, and neck. Misalignment is not just a cosmetic problem. In some cases, teeth do not come together properly to chew food. When upper and lower teeth do not meet, the jaw and its correlating muscles, ligaments, and nerves work harder to achieve what should be natural. This extra work on the part of facial structures leads to excessive wear and stress, which in turn can cause chronic painful symptoms like headaches or even ringing in the ears.

Straight smile, healthy smile

The way to keep teeth and gums free of cavities and disease is to brush and floss. These activities remove bacteria from surfaces where their acidic byproduct could cause problems. Misalignment poses a challenge to successful hygiene, allowing bacteria to accumulate in tight spots where a toothbrush cannot reach. As food debris joins with saliva, bacteria have a welcoming environment. This collection of substances is what we call plaque. Plaque sticks to teeth, depositing acidic byproduct onto healthy enamel and gum tissue. The longer this substance remains, the more problems may occur.

Inherently, people in our society view a crooked smile as one that is unhealthy. In most cases, this is an accurate assessment. Invisalign is a system that can improve the look of your smile and correct the misalignment that is posing a threat to your oral health. See how easy it may be to straighten your smile. Call our office for your consultation today.

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