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Your treatments for gum disease are found with your dentist in Central HK

gum disease treatment from Dentist in Central HK

When you look at your mouth in the mirror, you will see your tongue, gums, teeth, and other tissues. What cannot be seen when the smile is observed are things like plaque, tiny food particles, bacteria, and moisture. These things may be invisible, but they nonetheless affect oral health. The whole purpose of brushing and flossing is to remove food debris, bacteria, and plaque from the mouth so that harmful bacteria cannot accumulate and cause dental problems. Plaque is cause for concern because this colourless, sticky substance can harden on tooth surfaces as tartar, a material that is difficult to remove.

The perception of most people is that plaque and bacteria are dangerous to teeth due to the fact that they can cause cavities. While tooth decay is a common concern, there are other serious problems that stem from the accumulation of plaque and tartar, problems within the gums and other supportive tissues in the mouth. When bacteria colonize at and below the gum line, tissue breaks down. In a weakened state, gum tissue separates from tooth structure and pockets form around the affected tooth or teeth. In these periodontal pockets, around which gums look swollen and red, and may even bleed, bacteria find an undisturbed home. If not treated, gum disease will continually progress, threatening the stability and longevity of teeth.

The best of all available treatments for gum disease is prevention. In our Central HK holistic dental practice, we work with patients on a one-on-one basis to determine the risk for gum disease. During routine visits, we check for the earliest signs of gum disease and begin treatment right away if gums show symptoms of infection. If a patient does show signs of gum disease, Dr. Tong has several approaches to gain control over the problem:

  • Deep cleaning the areas affected by gum disease is one of the first steps in controlling infection. In a deep cleaning, special instruments are used to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and root surfaces.
  • Nutritional and oral hygiene counselling may be provided to decrease the level of inflammation caused by gum disease.
  • When gum disease has become severe and bone tissue is involved, surgery may be an advanced treatment for the repair of damage. Gum surgery can decrease the depth of pockets making it easier to clean better on a daily basis.

Gum disease is a concern for most adults. For outstanding preventive and restorative care, contact the office of Dr. Titania Tong.

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