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All stages of gum disease require professional care from your Central HK dentist

All stages of gum disease treatment from Dentist in Central HK

We hear a lot about gum disease, also called periodontal disease. The fact surrounding gum disease is that this progressive condition can be prevented, and even reversed if caught in the earliest stage. Dr. Titania Tong is extensively trained in the prevention of, as well as diagnosis and treatment of, the various stages of gum disease. In our office in Central HK, she performs a thorough assessment of gum health during routine exams.

Stages of gum disease

Gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, is experienced when an imbalance occurs in the mouth and body. This early stage of gum disease is so mild and difficult to recognize that it is referred to as “silent”. One way to detect the risk of gingivitis is to spot plaque or tartar build up on the teeth. These substances harbour harmful bacteria, which leads to infection and irritation in gum tissue.

It is important to understand that gingivitis can often be reversed if treated very early. The longer the infection is allowed to remain, the more irritation will occur in the gums. You may begin to notice gum recession, where the tissue begins to separate from teeth. This occurs as tissue is weakened, and colonies of bacteria build up below the surface of the gums in what are called periodontal pockets.

The latter stages of gum disease pose a real threat to the stability of teeth, and also to the entire body. As tissue continues to weaken and pull away from teeth, bone becomes exposed to the effects of bacteria, and eventually this tissue also deteriorates. Though tooth loss may seem like the final blow of gum disease, research has shown this infectious process to even have an impact on the heart.

Dr. Tong has assembled various methods for the treatment of gum disease. Each case is different, and requires personalized care based on the stage of gum disease present. Ideally, we like to help our patients avoid the problems that come with gum disease, and encourage them to visit us twice a year. Should gum disease be detected, we will provide the best care possible to keep you smiling comfortably.

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